Our SMS Marketing Reseller Programs

EZ Texting offers a traditional reseller program, an affiliate program, and a private label program. You may also use the EZ Texting API to resell our services through your own interface. Explore all three options to choose the one that's right for your business.

Become a Reseller and Partner With EZ Texting

EZ Texting offers three distinct reselling options, allowing you to offer our services in a variety of ways. We've designed our programs with different budgets, levels of involvement, and customer acquisition models in mind.

Reselling Options

Web-Based SMS Marketing Affiliate Program

We're proud to offer a pay-per-sale commission affiliate program. Upon signing up, we will provide you with access to a personal user interface which will allow you to generate custom tracking links, run reports, and monitor your earnings. This is the best option for resellers looking to leverage their contacts and web presence and promote EZ Texting in a hands-off manner with no commitments. Learn more about our affiliate program.

Traditional SMS Marketing Reseller Program

You can resell EZ Texting's text message marketing service in two ways:  You can set up an account on behalf of your clients and charge them directly, or you can use our API to rebrand and integrate our mobile marketing platform with your own website or application. This is a great choice if you want to manage your clients' SMS marketing campaigns and charge them as a "full-service" provider. Contact us to learn more about reselling our service directly or via API.

Private Label SMS Marketing Program

Your customers and clients will never know that they're using EZ Texting's industry-leading SMS marketing platform. You supply us with logos, banners, and more and we'll build you a text messaging application that's all your own. This is the best choice for resellers ready to take their SMS marketing to the next level and commit to a fully-branded site for customers to create and manage their own SMS campaigns. Learn more about our private label SMS marketing program.