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5 Small Business Goals for Your 2023 New Year's Resolutions

Incorporate more strategic and engaging business goals into your marketing strategy in the New Year.

2023 business planning concept
January 5, 2023
Marco Raye
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It’s the end of Q4, and many small businesses are starting to reflect on the past 12 months and ask themselves the hard questions as they seek to learn, evolve and continue to improve the value they deliver to their customers and contributors. They are asking questions like: were our marketing goals met, what promotions produced revenue, and how did 2022 compare to past years? The end of the year is a great time to not only reflect back on Q4, but also to get on track and prepare for a more profitable 2023 with well calculated small business goals.

As we look to 2023, let’s take the mental gymnastics out of identifying the top business New Year’s resolutions with the following list of business goal examples that are sure to give your business a boost.

Set SMART Goals

SMART SMS campaign worksheet snippet

If you are looking for the fastest way to generate interest in your SMS (or any) marketing campaign, setting business goals, specifically, “SMART” goals is one effective way to ensure success. SMART is an acronym that stands for “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.” This divide-and-conquer goal setting approach helps you create detailed plans that keep you honed in on smashing your small business goals, while making sure you stay on track through measured results along the way. You can learn more about SMART goals, and see how each goal builds on the next in this downloadable SMART SMS Campaign Template.

Refine Lead Management

magnet attracting leads

The ways in which small businesses refine their lead management processes can be as unique as the businesses entity itself, and vary widely in application. However, there are some top-level strategies that work for any and every small business.

Here are some ways to refine the lead management process and help you achieve your small business goals in 2023:

  • Improve your lead capture using personalized text marketing.
  • Implement a lead scoring system.
  • Nurture leads with unique, targeted content.
  • Embrace integrative technologies for problem-solving, deeper learning, and understanding, not to mention heaps of time savings.

If you are looking to implement a lead management process because currently you do not have one in place, here are some tips to grow your lead base by leveraging SMS marketing.

Ask for More Feedback

graphic that has an ask for feedback

Although many small business owners already know how important online reviews are, many are not sure how to encourage customers to take the time and submit a review. Online reviews are also not the only form of feedback that is helpful to your business - a simple poll sent out asking what customers thought of an event, if they are interested in receiving text messages— or simply checking in to see how you can do things even better—are invaluable communications that show your patrons how much you care. Your customers will be more engaged and happier when they know their experience with your business is important to you.

Whether you keep it simple with an in-person suggestion box, send out automated emails requesting feedback after a purchase, or use social media to gather feedback —consider adding an additional channel into your mix for added insights.

Stay on Top of Trends

Image that shows trends now and in the future

One small business goal that can easily get lost in the day-to-day grind is staying on top of trends, both current and forecasted. But, who has the time to scour social media chatter and the internet at large to learn about what is hot now and what is heating up, poised to be the next hot trend in a few months? Not most small business owners, that’s for sure.

So how do you make this one of your New Year’s resolution ideas candidates if you don’t have that sort of time? Tools, that’s how. There are endless amounts of online trend tools available to help keep you on top of the latest and evolving trends. One of the most effective trending tools is Google Trends, but nearly every social media platform offers an impressive tracking tool that does the work for you. To learn more about which trending tool might be the best fit for your goals, check out these no-cost trend finding solutions.

Reduce No Shows & Abandoned Carts

Image that indicates abandoned cart and missed revenue

One of the most challenging and costly occurrences for small business owners is when customers either do not show up for an appointment, or when they leave an online shopping cart full of items that they never purchase. Although there is no strategy or tool that can entirely eliminate either of these forms of ghosting, there is a ton of effective approaches that can drastically reduce how often they occur.

For no shows, emails and texts can be automatically scheduled to send out reminders, solicit confirmations, and make rescheduling extremely easy— all at the same time. There are numerous companies that offer appointment software specifically to make this entire process turnkey.

When it comes to what we like to call abandoned cart syndrome, there are also a number of software solutions and marketing channels that can be used to automatically offer customers incentives like too-good-to-miss discounts, low inventory alerts, and simple reminders that gently nudge a shopper to complete their purchase. .

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