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9 Strategies to Create Effective & Engaging Marketing Outreach Campaigns

Check out some of our favorite tools designed for implementing effective outreach strategies for general engagement, marketing purposes, and beyond.

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August 16, 2023
Chloe Mulliner
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Outreach marketing is an important aspect of getting your name and product in front of customers, but what exactly is outreach marketing anyway?

Outreach marketing is a strategy that involves pitching your business to influencers and organizations that share your target audience intending to team up to promote your brand. You can reach out to prospects in various ways, such as via email, SMS texts, or social media platforms. This marketing outreach tactic is designed to get others to spread the word about your company, product, and services to help boost brand awareness.

Outreach marketing is beneficial because it not only gets more eyes on your content but can also help build trust in your brand, increase your credibility, and create a fan following. You can use marketing outreach strategies to get new customers and clients, form partnerships, and encourage others to write about your brand and share your products.


Proven Strategies to Create Effective Marketing Outreach

How do you kick off a marketing outreach campaign of your own? It involves several moving parts, from finding perspectives to contacting them. And that’s where experimenting with different tools and software can help you up your game. For example, customer list growth tools help boost your contact list, while others allow you to track your outreach performance.

Below, we’ve listed nine tools and tips that can assist you with employing effective outreach strategies.

BuzzSumo logo


Experiment with BuzzSumo

A significant part of your outreach strategy will involve finding influencers and bloggers associated with your brand's topics. But instead of scouring the internet yourself, BuzzSumo does the heavy lifting for you. You can program it to track down those discussing specific issues on social media platforms to help you zero in on appropriate prospects. For instance, if you run an eco-friendly business, BuzzSumo can help you find influential people posting about green initiatives and environmental issues.

Once BuzzSumo rounds up a list of prospects, you can further research each to see if they're a good fit to include in your outreach efforts.

Klear logo


Incorporate Klear

Like BuzzSumo, Klear assists with finding influential people on the internet to discuss topics related to your brand. However, Klear takes it one step further as it can help you assess the value of each of these influencers and compare them to one another.

The software looks at each person or brand's stats, such as their level of engagement and follower growth, to help you determine if they're worth your efforts. It can also sniff out bot followers that aren't real people. After all, you want to save time and energy reaching out to someone whose followers are just a bunch of bots when you could contact someone with a solid following with real fans who might be interested in your brand.

Ahrefs logo


Use Ahrefs to Analyze Websites

Ahrefs is another tool to analyze your prospects to see if they're viable for your outreach initiatives.

Ahrefs have a variety of functions, but one of its most convenient features involves assessing a website's profile. It can review its keyword ranking, traffic, and, most importantly, its backlinks. Analyzing a site's backlinks can give you an idea of a website's authority, as more quality backlinks often correlate to a higher Google ranking.

You can also use Ahrefs to find content on the internet associated with specific topics, such as those eco-friendly ones that align with your business. The software will show you how well the scope performed, providing details like social shares and links. With a list of high-performing blogs or articles, you can begin looking at who published them and add those contacts to your outreach list.

Ninja Outreach logo


Turn to Ninja Outreach

As its name suggests, Ninja Outreach is another savvy program designed to help with blogger outreach. Like the tools above, Ninja Outreach helps find suitable perspectives and deliver valuable details regarding their contact info, social shares, SEO metrics, and traffic and engagement. What we like about this feature is that you can sort through the prospect list and narrow it down based on specific filters. For example, you can make it filter out prospects that don't include their names or contact information, giving you a more manageable list to work with.

From here, the tool invites you to segment your perspectives into groups. This is especially helpful if you're marketing for more than one brand or focusing on several topics. Then, once you have your contact list organized, you can easily craft templates, and the program will automatically generate certain fields, so you don't have to do it manually.

Hootsuite logo


Monitor Social Media with Hootsuite

You probably already use Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts, but only some of these tools suit you. One helpful marketing outreach feature is the "Streams" option, which showcases a constant feed of social media activity that includes whatever parameters you set, such as mentions of your brand, special keywords, specific hashtags, or posts from certain influencers. This real-time feed helps you monitor social media activity and lets you respond and jump into the conversation while it's still relevant. And, as with many of the other tools on this list, Hootsuite also delivers analytics on each social media profile, helping you to determine where you should direct your outreach efforts.

BuzzStream logo


Explore BuzzStream

Like some of the other tools on this list, BuzzStream helps you find and analyze prospects involved in the same niche. However, it makes life even easier for you, as it can scan their sites and find their email addresses for you, so you don't have to go hunting for them yourself.

Once you have their contact info, BuzzStream provides outreach templates with all the information you need to draft your outreach message. But it's the tracking and reporting functions that make this program shine. BuzzStream monitors the success of your outreach messages, showing you which ones are performing the best based on open and response rates. Moreover, it'll even send automatic follow-ups to messages that didn't receive replies. BuzzStream is an excellent tool for helping you keep track of all your outreach communication.

Upfluence logo


Look into Upfluence

Once you begin reaching out to your prospects and forming partnerships, tracking how those relationships are going is crucial, and that's where Upfluence can help. This software is geared toward monitoring your connections and ROIs from those investments.

Upfluence has a performance dashboard that tracks clicks, engagement, and sales associated with certain influencers and specific marketing campaigns. Access to this data can help you determine what partners provide you with the most value and decide whether you need to scale back and switch gears.


Focus on Automation

As you can see, most of these tools focus on automation to help save you time and energy, which is crucial for the most effective outreach strategies. For example, instead of individually tracking every message you send, these programs will monitor them and spit out real-time status updates.

SMS automation features work in the same way. For instance, if a prospect texts a keyword to your shortcode, you can craft automated messages that will send an instant reply. This helps you promptly convey valuable information, so you can hit the ground running when building relationships.

SMS automated reminders are also a key feature to help you with your outreach efforts. For instance, if you have a meeting with a potential influencer, you can program your SMS platform to send an automatic, personalized text to ensure it's on their radar. You can also use these automated reminders to remind them about a particular event you're hosting together or a product you're co-launching.


Take Advantage of SMS Integrations and API Functions

Finally, your time is valuable, so take advantage of integrations and API functions that combine all your tools into one convenient place. For instance, if you're using an SMS platform like EZ Texting to collect mobile numbers, you can sync it with other software like your lead generation programs, analytics tools, and email platforms. Having all the appropriate information in one handy spot makes it easier to implement effective outreach strategies.

Discover More About EZ Texting

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