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6 Spring Marketing Campaign Ideas to Make Your Marketing Strategy Blossom

Looking for a fresh new marketing approach this season? Check out our favorite spring marketing ideas to help your business blossom.

Smartphone engulfed in spring flowers.
March 9, 2023
Chloe Mulliner
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As spring rolls around, there’s this collective feeling of wanting a fresh start after a long winter’s nap. “Hibernation” is over, and it’s time to hit the ground running and get your spring cleaning underway. You already feel inspired to give your wardrobe a makeover and deep-clean your kitchen, so why should your small business be any different?

The onset of this season provides the perfect opportunity to bring a fresh set of eyes to your business marketing strategies and goals. It’s the ideal time to assess what’s working and or not. Do you feel your social media posts are repetitive, or your SMS messages are stale? Then it’s time to shake it up.

Consider some of the following:

  • Are your SMART goals on track?
  • Are your SMART goals still relevant?
  • Do you need to update your long- and short-term goals to better align with your vision?
  • Is your vision still the same?
  • Do you have any future promotions, product launches, or events on the horizon?
  • Do you have multichannel marketing strategies in place?
  • Have you brainstormed any spring marketing campaign ideas yet?

Once you’ve completed spring cleaning on your brand, it’s time to grow your business with fresh spring promotions. For inspiration, we’ve listed some of the best spring marketing campaign ideas to implement this season to reach potential customers.



6 Spring Marketing Campaign Ideas to Make Your Marketing Strategy Blossom

Ready to refresh your brand marketing approach this season? From holiday contests to fundraising ideas for nonprofits, check out these six easy-to-implement spring marketing ideas:


Make a St. Patrick’s Day Contest

Are your customers feeling lucky? It’s time to find out by encouraging them to channel their luck toward winning your St.Patrick’s Day contest.

Sample St. Patrick's Day MMS Message

While there are countless ways to host a contest, one easy way is to have your potential customers send a special keyword to your SMS short code. Once the results are in, randomly select one of the numbers and grant them your special prize. This spring marketing idea encourages them to enter your contest and doubles as a way to get them to opt-in to your text program.

Let’s say your business sells bicycles, and your grand prize is a green beach cruiser. Therefore, you could create a marketing ad that says, “Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Beach Bikes is giving away a limited-edition Kelly green beach cruiser to one lucky biker. Text LUCKYBIKE to 123434 for a chance to win a new set of wheels.”

Looking for other ways to get your customers to enter your contest? Experiment with getting them to:

  • Comment, like, or share your social media posts
  • Tag their friends in your social media posts
  • Follow your social media account
  • Fill out a survey
  • Enter via your contest landing page

And remember, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only spring holiday where these business lead generation tips apply. Don’t forget Easter, International Women’s Day, and even April Fool’s Day fall on the calendar during spring too.


Create a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunts and springtime go hand-in-hand, so it only makes sense to host one as this Easter rolls around. But if you don’t have enough space to host one on-site, go virtual.

For instance, maybe over the course of a week, all of your social media posts will have an easter egg hidden in the photos. Those who comment on these posts and identify all the eggs will be entered for a chance to win the grand prize.

To excite your customers, send an SMS text that says, “(Cozy Cabins) Join our virtual easter egg hunt for a chance to win a FREE 2-night stay! Comment on our post when you find all 7 eggs hidden in our IG posts.”


Host an In-Person Easter Egg Hunt

What’s better than a virtual Easter egg hunt? An in-person one! This is your chance to create an exclusive, invite-only event at your shop, where your customers search for eggs with prizes associated with your business.

For example, some eggs might have special discount promo codes, while others could include samples. Of course, you’ll want a few coveted eggs with grand prizes like complimentary products or service vouchers. Want to make your spring promotion even bigger? Team up with other brands to make it an eggs-travagant affair with prizes and giveaways from each business.

To drum up interest in your event, send invitations via SMS to your VIP customers. But if you want even more traction, open it up to the public and announce your event on your social media channels.


Choose a Theme

Sample Skin Care Message

Another idea is to create a spring marketing campaign around a specific theme. In this case, you might use flowers as your inspiration. Now, brainstorm ways to thread that theme through your social media posts, newsletters, SMS texts, blogs, and promotions.

You could include floral borders around your newsletters, add flower emojis in your SMS texts, and incorporate pastel-colored text in your social media posts. You might even play around with words associated with flowers, like “flower power,” “budding,” “blossom,” and “bloom,” or even idioms, such as “stop as smell the roses.”

For example, if you oversee an organic skincare line, you could run a floral-inspired spring promotion with an SMS text that says, “(Clean Skin) Feel fresh as a daisy with our latest line. Use the promo code BLOSSOM to receive 20% off your next purchase this spring.🌸”


Announce a New Product

Spring is the perfect season to announce a new product; everyone is eager to shake off that winter slumber. Your spring marketing campaign ideas should revolve around bouncing back, blossoming, and enjoying a fresh start.

To build anticipation around your new release, create messaging that teases your launch date and offers sneak peeks of your product. You could even give your VIP customers exclusive access to your latest product to drum up further excitement.

As part of your campaign, your SMS message could read, “(Fab Boutique) Spring has sprung, and so has our new swimsuit line! As a VIP, you can shop our collection 24 hours before the public— starting at 9 pm tonight!”


Give Back

Anytime is a good time to fundraise, so why not incorporate giving back into your spring marketing campaign? For instance, you could host a spring fundraising event, such as a Spring 5K or Spring Fling Dance, where donations go toward a local organization.

Another spring marketing idea is to select a nonprofit organization that ties into the season. For instance, proceeds from purchases could go toward supporting your local animal shelter (since spring is the start of puppy and kitten season) or community garden.

In this case, you could send out an SMS promotional text with messaging like, “(Pizza Pies) It’s time for our annual Spring Forward charity event! Dine with us through May 1, and 20% of the proceeds will go toward Little Creek Veggie Garden.”

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