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What is Click-to-Text & How to Create SMS Links

Click-to-text provides a convenient and easy way for your customers to communicate with your small business.

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March 22, 2023
Chloe Mulliner
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You’re probably familiar with those click-to-call buttons on websites that automatically bring up a company’s phone number on your mobile phone, so you don’t have to enter it yourself, but what about click-to-text buttons?

Click-to-text buttons are the same, except they direct you to a pre-filled text message for texting rather than launching the dial screen for making a phone call.

While it might not seem like a novel concept, this option is becoming increasingly popular in a world where consumers would much rather send a text than make a phone call. Studies have shown that 89% of customers prefer to interact with businesses via text over the phone, demonstrating the importance of having click-to-text buttons associated with your business.

Our guide will unpack everything about these SMS links, including their benefits, examples, and how to create one for your small business.

What is Click-to-Text & How to Create SMS Links

Below, we’ll address click-to-text from top to bottom, so you can begin implementing it into your SMS marketing strategies.


What is Click-to-Text?

As its name suggests, click-to-text refers to a button that, when clicked, launches the user’s texting app with the telephone number field automatically filled in.

For example, if you’re using your mobile phone to browse a company’s website for customer service assistance, you might see an SMS link that says, “Need help? Click here to text us.”

When you click on the SMS URL, it’ll open your messaging app with a pre-set text message with the company’s telephone number and maybe even a sample message like, “I’d like to connect with a customer service representative.”

an example of a click-to-text button

From here, you can text to initiate a conversation with the rep without filling in the telephone field or crafting the first message.

You can find these SMS links on a company’s website, including its navigation bar, contact page, images, drop-down menus, and email signatures.


Benefits of SMS Links

Why might a small business like yours want to employ some click-to-text buttons on its website?

Well, for starters, it offers a quick, convenient, and easy way of engaging with your customers. Your customers don’t need to fuss around finding your company’s telephone number and entering it into their mobile phones to send texts, which leaves room for error. Instead, they can simply click your SMS URL, edit the pre-set message, and then click send to instantly connect with your company.

What’s more, many customers (especially Millennials) prefer text messages over phone calls. By giving them an easily accessible channel for connecting with your brand via text, they can skip the tediousness of making a phone call and engage with your brand in seconds.

Moreover, it may even make them more inclined to interact with your company because they know they can skip dialing your number, following prerecorded instructions, getting passed around to multiple reps, and listening to elevator music while placed on hold.

Examples of Texting Links

The neat thing about these texting links is that you can use them to encourage your customers to communicate with your brand in specific ways. For instance, you can place an SMS URL on your website so your customers can conveniently click and:

simple SMS sample message
  • Connect with a customer service representative
  • Place an order with your company
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Request a quote
  • Subscribe to your texting program



How to Create an SMS URL

With a better understanding of all the ins and outs of the click-to-text option, it’s time to learn how to create an SMS link of your own. If you don’t have any coding experience, the easiest way to design your link involves using a click-to-text button generator.

Follow these simple steps to begin:

  1. Acquire a textable number: If you’re not already using SMS messaging with EZ Texting, getting a dedicated phone number your business can use for texting is best. This number should be separate from your personal telephone number.
  2. Craft your CTA and message: Now, it’s time to think about your messaging. What do you want your button to say, and why do you want your customers to use it? For instance, maybe you want your customers to submit online food orders via text.

    In this case, your button might have text that says, “Ready to order? Click here to text!”

    As for your default message, you could draft a text that says, “I’m ready to place an order,” to connect with a rep and initiate the process.
  3. Use a click-to-text generator: From here, navigate to a free online click-to-text generator.
  4. Place your content into the appropriate fields: Follow the generator’s prompts and fill in the fields with your information, including your textable number, CTA, and message.
  5. Customize your button: Once you’ve entered your information, you can experiment with the look of your button, changing its color, shape, and size.
  6. Place the HTML code on your website: When you’re happy with how your button looks, click “embed” to receive your customized HTML code.

    From here, simply copy and paste that code into the backend of your website. For example, if you’re placing the button on your “contact” page, place the copy in the HTML field associated with that landing page.
  7. Test it out: Finally, do a test run. Click the button from your mobile phone and send a text to ensure it’s working. If all goes according to plan, you’re all set to begin texting with your customers!

Check out these tips on how to write an effective SMS message to learn more. Or take this opportunity to go deeper into our other SMS resources, including information detailing the difference between SMS vs MMS.

Learn More About EZ Texting Today

Placing texting links on your website is just one of the many ways you can use SMS texting to enhance your customers’ experience with your brand.

Contact us today to find out more about how your small business can use EZ Texting to its advantage!

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