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3 Ways Text Payment Reminders Can Help Tax Pros Streamline Billing Concerns

Texting Helps Tax Professionals Featured
May 20, 2024
Lauren Goldenberg
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CPAs and tax preparation services can increase profitability and ensure their clients pay on time via text alerts. Whether the bill is for initial retainers or final invoices, SMS text messages grab your customers’ attention like no other channel.

No matter if you’re an accountant single-handedly running your own practice (and juggling administrative duties on top of your workload) or you run a national tax preparation firm — streamlining payments should be at the top of your mind. Inefficiencies and protracted waits on payment cut into your bottom line as well as make unnecessary demands on your time.

Text relays a sense of urgency, which helps nurture client relationships throughout the filing process, but can also help facilitate payment by delivering powerful CTAs and streamlining the process with simple, clickable links that easily direct users to web portals to type in their payment info.

So forget sending out costly mailings or taking time to call clients to remind them that their bill is past due. Emails are also notably inefficient when it comes to open rates and follow-through.

Truly, the numbers just add up when it comes to the importance of texting. With 98% open rates, 90% of texts are read within the first three minutes of being received. So spend less time worrying about your business and more time running it with texting.


Notify Clients of Invoices or Outstanding Payments Via a Channel They’re Less Likely to Ignore

It may not be your client’s intention to forget to pay you on time. Ideally, after you expertly prepare their taxes, answering any questions they may have along the way and hopefully even finding them extra savings — your grateful clients will be in a hurry to remit payment.

However, clients can get busy and may just… forget.

Tax Text Message

This is why it is so critical to be able to send them reminders they will actually notice. Texting cuts through the clutter; they’re opened and read 138% more than emails (98% vs 18%). It’s a staggering figure, but it also makes sense.

People are inundated with emails every day; many of us receive hundreds that we just delete without ever looking at them. In contrast, text messages — which are short and direct — are less frequently sent. Text subscribers also tend to be much more selective about the companies they opt in for... and so a text naturally commands more attention than an email.

Phone calls can also be easily ignored and sent to voicemail (which may then never be opened). And direct mail can get lost, arrive late, or get tossed in an unread pile. Instead, make a statement that gets heard clearly with text messaging.



Include a Trackable Link to Remit Payment in Your Reminder Text

Tax Text Message

In the same way you communicated important notifications during the filing process, you can connect just as powerfully when it comes to billing. Send automatized Reminder Texts to clients on invoices with trackable links that they can easily click to your online portal or weblink.

Texting makes payment a breeze for both tax preparers and clients with just a few clicks.


Reduce Time Spent By Accounting Staff on Tedious Follow-Ups

Tax Text Message

No need to waste energy calling clients to hound them for a missed or late payment. Setting up automated payment reminders can help keep your clients on track, but also free up you or your associates to focus on other tasks.

Send automated text reminders that will streamline the payment process with just a few clicks… and turn your focus onto new revenue streams, such as working with clients who may need to file an extension.

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