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5 Benefits of SMS Automation in Marketing

SMS automation is a no-brainer in marketing campaigns. Learn how it reaches customers, increases engagement, and boosts your business — right here.

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May 22, 2024
Kathleen Crampton
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SMS automation is one of the best ways to reach and engage with customers, send timely notifications, and free up employee tasks. Why? Because it’s a marketing powerhouse! With text automation, your business sends prescheduled, prewritten SMS messages to customers and clients, whether you sell products or services. You and your employees barely even have to lift a finger.

Here’s why you should incorporate SMS automation into your marketing plan and overall customer communication strategy.


SMS Automations Reduce Errors

Have you ever tried sending similar versions of the same text message to multiple people, like an invite to a BBQ or a meal train sign-up? If so, maybe you forgot to swap out the names or mistyped crucial information. The same thing can happen in business (though you’ll find out why it doesn’t have to!).

Retyping variations of the same message multiple times for multiple groups of customers or clients is time-consuming and introduces way too many opportunities for error. In addition, customers require accurate information and value personalization. With automated SMS marketing, you can type and review your message often to ensure everything looks good before it’s scheduled to be sent. Additionally, you can verify that the right customer segmentation group is selected so that names are always accurate. Typos, be gone.


Text Automations Make Your Team More Productive

A huge benefit of automated text messages for business is that they free up your and your employees’ time. Acquiring and implementing tools that reduce time on task for company talent is crucial; automating your SMS marketing is one way to do that.

Instead of your marketing team spending a hefty amount of time each week manually writing and updating recurring text messages, they can offload much of the work to an automated texting service, like EZ Texting. Just upload contacts to create effective customer segmentation strategies, create your messages or choose from templates, and schedule when messages should be sent. Learn more about how to send automated SMS.


It Boosts Customer Engagement

You probably know by now that the open rate for text messages is sky-high, even compared to email messages. So it’s no surprise that incorporating SMS in your marketing strategy is crucial. But SMS automation has the additional benefits of sending messages to the right people at the right time, boosting customer engagement with aptly timed texts.

For example, you can activate text automation when customers have abandoned carts so that they’re prompted to complete a purchase. Same goes for order status confirmations, sales event notifications, and appointment reminders. By automating these events in the customer journey, you’re meeting the customer or client precisely at the right time. In addition, they’ll be more willing to act and engage with your brand if they receive marketing texts when needed.


It Helps Retain Customers

Automated texting services also allow you to set up recurring messages, which can help to retain customers. Don’t let your client base forget about you! Schedule Recurring Messages to boost your SMS campaign or simply remind customers of your brand throughout the year.

You can even send annual recurring SMS and MMS marketing messages at holidays, birthdays (if customers provide you with this information), and subscription renewals. These events remind customers that you care and remember moments in their life. This path to personalization can create lifelong customers — just another great benefit of automated text messages for businesses.


It Can Help You Understand Your Customers

Finally, automated SMS marketing allows you to get a good look at who your customers are, what drives them, why they like your brand, and what your business could be doing better. How? Through post-purchase or annual surveys. Trigger surveys to be sent by SMS to customers after they purchase your product or service, and set up recurring automated texts every year to your audience. Doing so will give you a continuous supply of data and insights into your audience, which will help your business meet changing customer demands and boost sales.

Incorporate SMS automation as part of your SMS marketing campaigns to boost customer engagement, retain clients, reduce errors, and increase employee productivity. EZ Texting can help. We’re your one-stop shop for all things text marketing. No matter your industry, we can help your business thrive with proven SMS solutions.

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