Benefits of Small Business Mass Text Messaging Services

A mass text messaging service allows you to emphasize your unique selling proposition while speaking directly to your target market. Text messaging is affordable and fast for your small business, but mass text messages are also convenient for customers.

Are SMS Marketing Services Limited to Advertising and Consumer Promotions?

Why Choose EZ Texting for Your Text-to-Landline Service

You can send a mass text message to any group for any reason at any time. While a mass texting service like EZ Texting offers powerful text message marketing tools, the application isn't limited to advertising and promotions. If your small business is operated by a team, there's no more convenient channel to reach them all than using SMS for employee communications. That includes sending real-time alerts when an emergency strikes or you need to close down due to bad weather.

What Type of Mass Messages Can a Small Business Send to Opted-in Subscribers?

You Win Text Message

You can use a mass text messaging system to instantly send a variety of messages to a select group. Here are some ideas to kick start a good brainstorming session for your small business:

  1. Introduce a new product

  2. Announce flash sales

  3. Provide exclusive coupon codes of discounts

  4. Share your hours of operation

  5. Launch a poll or survey to learn more about your market

  6. Request feedback or reviews from past and current customer

  7. Market your latest blog post

  8. Entertain your readers with trivia questions or interesting facts related to your field

  9. Express your appreciation and gratitude to past customer

  10. Celebrate milestones for your business, such as anniversaries or record sale

  1. Give away some of your most popular products to winners or a contest or raffle

  2. Advertise your social media accounts to gain more followers across platforms

Once you start thinking, you will come up with many new ways to utilize mass texting from a computer or mobile device. Make your messages personal to your business and relevant to your audience. Keep in mind that a good bulk SMS service will allow you to include images and video clips in your group messages. That's a great way to entertain, educate or simply impress your audience.

Mass Text Message App vs Email - What's Best for a Drip Campaign??

Name Your Campaign

When you use an automated system to deliver select messages to certain members of your list at designated times, you're launching a drip campaign. These campaigns are highly effective in email marketing. They can work just as well if not better when mass texting from a computer or mobile device.

  1. Each message in a drip campaign is designed to show appreciation to the customer and lead them toward the next action that you want them to take

  2. Since every message in a drip campaign is automated, you can set it up once and forget about it until it's time to update the messages.

    • Similar programs are available for email marketers, but it's often faster and less complicate to use a mass text marketing platform.
  3. Text messages are more immediate than email messages because most people keep their phones in hand throughout the day.

    • Most people aren't as connected to email. It's also faster to reply to a text than an email.
    • That means that your drip campaign is likely to receive more interaction when you launch it through an automated text messaging service.
  4. The biggest benefit of a text message drip campaign is the ability to place your brand name in front of your customer at just the right time. Many people don't jump right into a purchase.

    • They need to see your brand name, hear about your products and learn more about your services before they decide to put their money on the line.
  1. By dripping automated messages in a controlled manner, you keep your small business in the mind of your target audience over time.

  2. Text messages are delivered instantly while email messages are often delayed and aren't suitable for timely interactions.

  3. The best way to protect yourself from lawsuits is to work with a text messaging marketing service that is up to date with the law.

Do SMS Marketing Services Provide Guidance or Training on Writing an Effective Group or Mass Text Message?

Default Templates
  1. Mass text messages aren't usually difficult to write because they're short.

    • Start by determining what you want to convey through the message.
    • If you understand your market and know what they need or want, you can write a short message that covers your main point while adding something of value to the audience.
  2. If you really get stuck writing a group text message, EZ Texting can give you access to more than 100 text message templates.

    • The templates are divided into groups and are designed to cover message ideas for a variety of industries.
    • You can adjust the wording in each template to fit your small business, creating a customized mass message in just minutes.

Do SMS Text Marketing Services Allow You to Save Custom Messages to Use Again?

create new templates

  1. The best bulk SMS service will allow you to create custom text messages and save them in your account.

    • That allows you to quickly send repeat messages at any time.
    • You may also want to create a message one time and send it out to multiple groups.
    • Some services will also allow you to schedule your messages so that they go out automatically on certain days at designated times
  2. These convenience features make text message marketing easier to sustain over time.

    • As a small business owner or solopreneur, you don't have a lot of time or money to waste.
    • The faster you can send out mass text messages and get back to running your business, the more likely you are to sustain your marketing plan for months and years to come.

How Likely Is it That Anyone Will Open a Mass Text and Then Respond?

Restaurant Text Message

  1. Research into the open rates for text messages sent from the EZ Texting system found that more than 90 percent of messages were opened.

    • Compare that to studies that have shown an open rate of approximately 20 percent for promotional email messages.
  2. While those statistics will change from year to year, you have a higher chance of getting your message in front of more people if you use a reputable mass text messaging app

  3. You can increase the response rate for your mass SMS messages by including a straightforward call to action each time you send a mass text.

    • Don't assume that anyone will know what you want them to do next.
    • You have to tell them to take a look at your latest blog post, click through to your website to use a coupon code or sign up for your online course.
  4. You may also increase the number of people responding to your small business text messages by targeting each of your messages to a select group.

    • That simply means that each SMS text blast is sent to a group of people who have expressed some level of interest in the subject of the message.
    • That is often achieved by designating a different short code to each group that you want to target.
    • Each group then receives only the text blast messages that they will find interesting.
  1. Targeted marketing may take a little more time to set up because you need multiple short codes and a clear understanding of what each group will receive. It's worth the effort because you will end up with a more precise advertising platform that may increase your response rate and your sales.

Do You Need A Lot Of Technical Knowledge To Send Out Mass Text Messages On Behalf Of A Small Business?

illustration of people working

EZ Texting was designed with simplicity in mind. We're committed to making our mass text messaging system as easy to use regardless of your technical knowledge. We understand that many small businesses don't have their own technical departments, so we have a customer care team willing to help whenever a technical issue arises. The system is intuitive, but our experts are standing by to help you send mass text messages as quickly as possible.

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