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Bulk business text messaging has an important role to play in the mobile marketing activities of some of the world´s best-known companies. Companies as diverse as Ford, Macy´s and Dunkin´ Donuts all use bulk business text messaging as part of their mobile marketing strategies in order to attract new customers, generate engagement, develop brand loyalty and increase sales.

The broader reach and intimacy of bulk business text messaging can also help smaller companies with their marketing efforts. As most customers have mobile phones - and few leave home without them - coupons attached to business text marketing messages are more likely to be redeemed than forgotten coupons cut out of a magazine or distributed by email.

How to Attract new Customers With Business Text Messaging

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There are several methods that companies can use to attract new customers. The most frequently used is advertising a special offer that customers can only take advantage of by texting a keyword to a short code number (for example, text `pizza` to 858585). When customers text the keyword, they opt-in to receive future business text marketing messages and are added to the company´s mobile marketing database.

Other methods include “Click-to-Join” widgets that can be placed on a company´s website, on the company´s Facebook page or distributed via Twitter. These can attract customers by promising the customer they will be the “first to know” about future special offers, discounts and promotions by signing up for the business´s text messaging service.

An alternative method to attract new customers with business text messaging is through the use of polls and surveys. Although polls and surveys can only be sent to an existing opted-in database of customers, those that are topical or amusing tend to be shared among families and friends - providing a further opportunity for a company to develop its marketing database.

How to Send Business Text Marketing Messages

How to Send a Bulk Text Message

Rather than send business text marketing messages individually to each customer, companies use a web-based bulk text messaging platform - the use of which is provided by a bulk texting service provider. Companies simply log into the bulk text messaging platform (as you might a PayPal or online banking account), upload their list of opted-in customers, write the marketing text message and click send.

Within minutes, the company´s customers will be reading about the latest special offer, discount or promotion - or responding to a text poll asking their opinion about anything from their favorite pizza topping to a current news event. Polls and surveys are exceptionally useful in generating engagement and building brand loyalty, and they give companies insights into their customers´ preferences.

Any replies to the marketing text message - or responses to a text poll - are received by the bulk text messaging platform. The platform also records useful analytics such as delivery rates, open rates, and spikes in engagement in order that companies can fine-tune future text marketing campaigns to maximize their effectiveness.

Other Features of a Bulk Text Messaging Platform

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Bulk text messaging platforms have plenty of features to help improve the effectiveness of business text marketing messages.

  • A scheduling feature allows companies to schedule marketing messages for the time they will attract the most attention, or run recurring and drip-fed campaigns.
  • Messages can be customized with the recipients´ names to create an impression upon the customer and make the messages appear more personal.
  • Companies have the option of sending their business text marketing messages in plain text or using an MMS (multimedia) messaging feature to increase its impact.
  • Tiny URLs can be integrated into each message, encouraging customers to click through to the company's website to find out more about a special offer.
  • Unique QR codes can be created by the platform and sent to customers, so all they have to do is click send when the QR code opens to reply to a message.

One of the most useful features on a bulk text messaging platform is the ability to sort customers into groups. This can be done manually as companies find out more about their customers´ preferences, or automatically by using different keywords for different marketing campaigns. The benefits of sorting customers into groups are that companies can run targeted marketing campaigns towards certain customers, other customers will not opt out of the business text messaging service due to receiving too many irrelevant business text marketing messages, and marketing costs are reduced.

Other Uses of Bulk Business Text Messaging

It is not only retail companies that can benefit from bulk business text messages. Real estate companies can build a database of potential customers by inviting home-seekers to text a keyword to a short code number in order to receive further details about a specific property. Employers can communicate with their staff via bulk business text messaging or run a text message vacancy service for job seekers.

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Charitable organizations, churches and political parties can use the same bulk text messaging platform to solicit donations and communicate with their communities. Schools can keep parents informed or advise students of last-minute changes to school activities. Indeed, polls and surveys are a great way for churches to engage with their congregations, or for schools to connect with their students.

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Because bulk business text messaging uses SMS technology to send and receive messages, it is also an effective vehicle of communication when Internet service is not available or overloaded in times of emergency. Bulk business text messaging can ensure business continuity or be used by emergency service to send voice broadcasts to large groups of people quickly and easily.

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For larger companies, and those with existing databases, EZ Texting can be integrated with popular web applications such as ZenDesk, SalesForce, and MailChimp. We can also provide APIs and documentation for developers to build EZ Texting´s versatile platform into their own applications, and make it possible for companies to create their own “Click-to-Join” widgets for their website, Facebook and Twitter integrations.

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