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Fundraising Marketing Strategies: 4 Benefits of Conversational Text Messaging

Discover how sending conversational SMS messages can improve your fundraising marketing strategy.

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May 22, 2024
Chloe Mulliner
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If you’re looking to raise more money for your nonprofit, then a mobile marketing for fundraising could be exactly what you need to increase your donations. With this initiative, you can send conversational SMS marketing texts to donors to help pique their interest in your mission and encourage them to donate to your cause.

When it comes to your fundraising ideas and marketing approach, we recommend keeping it conversational. Our guide below addresses what we mean by conversational and how you can create conversational SMS to boost your fundraising efforts.


Advantages Of Conversational Texts for Fundraising

The beauty of texting is that the messages are short and sweet. There’s no need for formal introductions or long, drawn-out paragraphs. In fact, the whole essence of text messaging is meant to be conversational and casual, which means, your SMS marketing strategy should be the same.

With conversational SMS messages, your nonprofit can avoid seeming like some stuffy, impersonal organization and instead come off as the down-to-earth and relatable organization it is.

You can send conversational texting to engage with your donors, create conversations, and provide insight into your mission. This approach can help build trust with your donors, strengthen relationships, boost interest in your organization, and motivate donors to support your cause.

Below, we’ve listed four of the many benefits of conversational text messaging and how to use it to boost your SMS campaign strategies.


You Can Be Personal

A big part of conversational SMS marketing involves personalizing your messages. Instead of sending a text that says, “Hello sir,” or “To Whom It May Concern,” you can address the donor with a laidback greeting using their first name. For example, “Hey Josh” or “Hi Josh.”

This immediately makes the message seem friendly and casual. It feels more like a text from a friend than an organization, making them more inclined to interact and engage with the message.

There are other ways to personalize your conversational SMS messages, too.

For instance, based on your collected data, you might know your donors’ birthdays. In this case, you might send a donor a birthday wish via SMS text, such as “(Josie’s Foundation) Happy Birthday, Brian! We hope you have a wonderful celebration. Thank you for your continued support of Josie’s Foundation.”

Sample Text Message

Or maybe you know the donors’ zip codes, so you could notify them of upcoming fundraisers and events in their area. For example, an SMS message could say, “(Homeless Outreach) Hi Justine, we’re hosting a food drive at Park Plaza on August 23 at 4 p.m. Follow the link for more volunteering info!”


You Can Appeal to Their Interests

Think about when you have a conversation with a friend or acquaintance. You might tell them about a news article that made you think of them or ask them for their opinion on a certain matter. Well, with conversational marketing, you can do the same thing!

For example, if you run an environmental organization and know your donors have expressed interest in eco-friendly practices, you might send them a text informing them of a recent blog post your nonprofit wrote on the topic. The message could say, “(Green Planet) Hi Stacy, check out our blog “10 Eco-Friendly Tips” with info on how to establish sustainable practices in your life! Follow the link.”

Or, if you want to gather feedback and insight from your donors to improve your marketing efforts, you can could send them an SMS survey, poll, or questionnaire. For instance, “(Rise Above) Hey Joyce, we’d love to hear about your latest experience at our Pride event! Follow the link to our short survey.”


You Can Invite Them to Events

Sending donors personal invites to your nonprofit’s events is another way to capture their interest while keeping things casual and conversational. Just as you would send a friend a quick text about the upcoming party you’re hosting, you can do the same with your organization’s event.

Sample Text Message

An example message could look like this, “(SoCal Parks) Mark, we’re hosting a beach clean-up at Sandy Park this Saturday, July 8, at 9 a.m. We hope you can join us! Click the link to RSVP.”

These kinds of conversational invites provide a great way of getting your donors more involved in your cause beyond just cutting checks.


You Can Personally Thank Them

And finally, you can use conversational text marketing for fundraising to personally thank your donors. But instead of just sending a generic, “Thank you for your contribution,” you can go a step further and show how the donation is really positively impacting your cause.

Let’s say you oversee a cat rescue organization. Donations help you care for all the cats and kittens in need, as it covers food, blankets, medicine, toys, and more. Therefore, you could calculate what a specific donation could provide and share it with your donors.

Sample Text Message

For example, if a donor donates $50 to your cause, that’s enough money for you to buy four new cat beds, three boxes of kitten formula, or flea meds for five foster cats.

Using this information, you could send a customized SMS texting saying, “(Kitty Foster) Tim, thank you for your generous donation! With your contribution, we bought 4 new cozy beds for our cats! Check out our IG post for pics.”

Of course, adding a photo or link to your social media post with an image of the new purchase is just one more conversational and friendly way of revealing how valuable donations are to your organization. This kind of storytelling can help drive home the work your organization is doing, show how the donor’s contribution makes a tangible difference, and encourage donors to make additional donations.


EZ Texting Can Help You Make a Difference

Now you have more information on how to start a fundraiser, and sending SMS messages is just one more way you can engage with your donors and help raise money to support your cause. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, affordable texting platform, look no further than EZ Texting. Our small business SMS marketing tools can help your organization get more eyes on your fundraising initiatives.

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