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How Text Can Help Tax Preparation Services Keep Clients Engaged, During Tax Season and Beyond

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December 19, 2022
Lauren Goldenberg
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Retain clients for your tax preparation services by keeping taxpayers invested throughout the year with SMS alerts, content funnels, and marketing comms — and ensure that you’re never more than just a text message away to help.

In this year like no other, taxpayers may have more questions than in years past. Along with concerns about how to file, which items can be deducted, important dates and deadlines to keep in mind, and e-file questions — there will also be additional questions about how to handle federal stipend checks, unemployment checks for those that may not have received them previously, and more.

Stay top-of-mind with text message marketing that will easily streamline communications with Reminder Campaigns, Drip Campaigns, Scheduled Texts, and 1-on-1 Chat functionality.


Compliant Texts Simplify Reminder Campaigns

Even for those who’re locked down at home, schedules somehow seem busier than ever. Perhaps clients are juggling remote work with childcare or helping out with elderly parents. Maintaining focus on financial matters is difficult in the best of times.

Keep clients (and hence, your business) running like a Swiss clock — perfectly in sync and on time — with texting. Streamline communications and cut down on missed appointments and reschedules by adding automated text to your communications, ensuring perfect precision where it matters most: finance and tax preparation.


Compliancy is Key for Taxpayers — and Tax Preparation Services

Tax Text Message

Just as taxpayers are asked to observe state, federal, and international tax laws and requirements set forth by government officials and other tax authorities — it is just as vital that tax preparers follow the text compliancy laws set forth by the FCC: namely, that subscribers must give consent.

Like taxpayers who miss the annual April deadline for tax return filing and are then subject to fines — tax preparers could face penalties as well. EZ Texting offers built-in compliancy features and leads the industry in limiting any risks.

Conveniently upload compliant contacts (those that have agreed to receive text messages from your business) with our straightforward contacts management system to upload, keep track of comms, and ensure your opt-in list is up to date. You can further simplify the process by segmenting leads (ie individual taxpayers, business taxpayers, and clients requesting extensions).

Additionally, our SafeSTOP feature eliminates compliance risk with our revolutionary, secure process for opting out, setting preferences, or reporting unwanted texts. While this is critical for any industry, security is even more imperative for those within the financial sector.


Send Reminder Texts to Keep Clients Engaged

Tax Text Message

Remind clients to schedule appointments for regular services like filing taxes and reviewing investment portfolios. It’s difficult for taxpayers to keep track of all important deadlines, they’re likely to appreciate and even depend upon your automated reminders. This is true of tax season but it is also something that can be used throughout the year, such as reminders for quarterly estimated tax payments.

If you keep clients engaged all year long, they’re more likely to continue to return to you year after year. To encourage quicker bookings, add a sense of urgency or include a promotional offer.


Send Reminder Texts to Ramp Up Appointments

Tax Text Message

It’s important to remind clients to set up appointments early to keep them on track -- as well as send helpful reminders about upcoming meetings in order to mitigate any no-shows. Texting makes this easy. Automate reminders with just a few clicks and ensure bookings run smoothly.

Additionally, with the ease of booking via textable Link Shorteners, you can ensure that clients can conveniently set up appointments 24/7.


Reactivate Current & Past Clients Via Texting

Revive old relationships and strengthen the connection with leads and current clients via text message blasts. With text’s 98% open rate, often read within minutes (if not seconds) of receipt, you can easily connect with clients and prompt fast responses to your calls to action.

Texting is also the top marketing channel for nurturing customer relationships throughout the year.

Increase Sales By Sharing Valuable & Educational Content

Stay top-of-mind with existing clients by staying in touch and sharing valuable and educational content. Taxes can be confusing to those who aren’t professional accountants, tax lawyers, or others that work in the industry. You may wish to alert customers about any updates on deadlines, filing for the year, or how to avoid any scams.

Tax Text Message

Cultivate relationships with your clients by automating texts with relevant interests that add value with these Drip Campaigns. Segment contacts into individual and/or business clients so that you can best appeal to their specific needs and interests.


Streamline Operations & Reduce Follow-Ups via 1-on-1 Chat Messaging

Tax Text Message

There’s a famous saying that taxes are one of life’s certainties. And when it comes to filing, taxpayers having questions are just as definite.

Answer these concerns quickly and efficiently with 1-on-1 Chat messaging. Address concerns like filing and payment deadlines, how to e-file, which documents to send, what estimates are owed per quarter, where will refunds be deposited, how to handle joint tax filing, how to figure out business filing, and more.

The ability to respond in real-time (averting time-consuming phone tags and other delays) will impress clients and keep them coming back year after year.


Solicit Referrals & Website Reviews from Happy Clients with Texts

Tax Text Message

Grow your business even more by actively seeking important referrals. You can incentivize clients by including a promotion for any clients that retain your services.

After tax season, keep an eye on the future and send automated texts to clients about leaving a glowing review on your website or any other channels. Make it easy for clients by including a link they can click.


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