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How Text Helps Tax Prep Services Generate Referrals and Book Business

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May 22, 2024
Lauren Goldenberg
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Tax preparers and tax prep businesses may have once been able to rely upon a steady stream of clients. However, thanks to the popularity of user-friendly, cost-effective, do-it-yourself software that has infiltrated the marketplace — optimizing your marketing efforts has become mission critical these days.

While the IRS processed more than 253 million federal tax returns and supplemental documents last year, only half of all filers had their returns professionally handled by a Certified Public Accountant, tax preparation franchise, or other tax pro. This percentage decreases by age demographic. And you guessed it: Gen Z is the least likely group to work with a pro, turning instead to software programs for itemizing their own deductions (18-24 year-olds averaged 39%).

How can you create more business? By texting promotions, encouraging referrals, engaging with current and past clients — and continuing to reach new leads. Text message marketing will help your business thrive.


Build A Text Marketing List

Naturally, if you want to send targeted, tailored texts to leads who’ve already expressed interest — you want to ensure your database is optimized to start generating business ASAP.

Compliancy is Key for an optimized SMS Database

Conveniently upload compliant contacts (those that have agreed to receive text messages from your business) with our straightforward contacts management system to upload, keep track of comms, and ensure your opt-in list is up to date. Further simplify the process by segmenting leads (ie individual taxpayers, business taxpayers, and clients requesting extensions).

Additionally, our SafeSTOP feature eliminates compliance risk with our revolutionary, secure process for opting out, setting preferences, or reporting unwanted texts. While this is critical for any industry, security is even more imperative for those within the financial sector.

Select Toll-Free Numbers or Dedicated Short Codes

Variety is the spice of life. Choose from either a Toll-Free Number or a Dedicated Short Code for the best way a client can reach you. They each have their own distinctive benefits. Toll-Free Numbers can lend extra legitimacy to a national brand — while a Short Code may be even easier for leads to remember. This can be a boost to growing your subscriber list.

Quickly Grow Your Subscriber List with Keywords

Tax Text Message

After all, Keywords are the most efficient way to build a text message marketing campaign. But what is a Keyword? In short, it’s a word or phrase (almost like a password) that people can use to join your database. You’ve seen them in ads prompting you to text “TAXPREP” or “JOIN” to a textable number. Here, TAXPREP and JOIN are the Keywords.

Advertise these Keywords via attention-grabbing signage, billboards, TV/radio spots, website, or social media postings. You can also offer special deals that will further encourage opt ins.


Activate Your Subscriber List Using Text

Turn leads into paying clients by sending messages to an audience that will be the most receptive to offers and important info — including upfront retainer deadlines, tax filing dates, helpful infographics, document details, extension alerts, and other intel.

Encourage More Promos with SMS Promotions

Share promotions that motivate leads to book an appointment or consultation. Taxes are inherently an expensive endeavor for clients who may owe the government money. They’ll feel that pinch a little less with a special offer, whether they are filing individual tax returns or those for their company. Stand out from a competitive crowd with deals.

Tax Text Message

By sending these promos via text (as opposed to emails, direct mailings, and other channels) — you’ll increase their efficacy. Text messages are opened and read almost 138% more than email (98% to 18% open rates).

Inspire leads to act even further by employing MMS picture and video messaging — which is proven to increase engagement by over 250% more than even the impressive numbers from traditional SMS text-only blasts. More engagement translates into more business.

Boost Engagement with 1:1 Chat Messaging

Tax Text Message

Taxes can be complicated and confusing to taxpayers. Naturally, if filing were simple, many more people would self-file instead relying on your expertise. Stand apart from competitors with 1:1 Chat messaging that will help you quickly respond to inbound inquiries and prove your reliability. Easily field questions about retainer agreements, documents to send, or any other pressing concerns.

Swift text responses will impress and attract the most leads — particularly as deadlines begin to loom and anxiety increases. Not only will prospects appreciate you not wasting time with lengthy games of phone tags, they’ll also be assured that you’ll be easy to reach should anything urgent come up in the future. Build trust just as surely as you build your client list and business.

Encourage More Referrals and More Business with Texts

Tax Text Message

Be proactive about seeking important referrals. Text messages are a fast and effective way to find new leads by engaging with past clients. The push notification also alerts the recipient to the new messages — and inspires them to take your Call to Action.

This is particularly helpful for referrals, which often get lost in the email clutter. Incentivize more referrals by offering a cash incentive, such as a credit off a client’s filing or you can even partner with another business for a gift certificate.


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