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How Text Marketing Can Boost Valentine’s Day Sales

Valentine's Day Featured Image
May 22, 2024
Lauren Goldenberg
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Many aspects of Valentine’s might be happening online this year but you can still woo your beloved customers with creative SMS text marketing strategies that set hearts afire and boost revenue streams. Text out sweet promotions, events, and special offers that your clients are sure to love.

Valentine’s Day is a multi-billion dollar holiday event that nearly every industry can leverage to engage with customers. It’s prime season to show a little extra love to clients, nurture relationships, and strengthen marketing channels.

Certainly, many people will be celebrating differently this year, opting for cozy nights at home instead of a full night out on the town. But as National Retail Foundation President and CEO Matthew Shay explains, “there remains a special significance around Valentine’s Day, and consumers are committed to celebrating friends and loved ones, even if that means having to alter those traditional holiday celebrations.”

The NRF has projected that Americans will spend $21.8 Billion this Valentine’s on retail alone. But many more businesses will be seeing a heart-friendly uptick in business. Some diners will head to their favorite romantic restaurant, while others will be seeking to recreate that ambience at home with convenient take-out options. Fitness gyms, personal trainers, realtors, and more can benefit so it’s best to plan ahead.

Add an extra spark of romance to your texts with one of our “Happy Valentine’s” MMS picture messaging templates. Or create your own GIF or infographic. You can also enliven and personalize them with Valentine’s-themed emojis (ie ?????) or a fun GIF with animated hearts and champagne.

Here are some more ideas on how businesses and organizations can integrate SMS solutions into their marketing campaigns:


How Retail & E-Commerce Can Use Text Marketing

Candy, flowers, clothing, jewelry... Valentine’s Day is often one of retail’s biggest moneymakers. This year, invite customers back into your store — whether it’s a brick-and-mortar shop or primarily online. On a special night, many customers may want to splurge for something extra-wonderful to gift their Valentine. Keep shoppers informed of new safety procedures, text inventory alerts, and entice them with images of swoon-worthy items.


Your Plan of Action:

Valentine's Day Sample Text Message
  • Text shoppers high-quality images via MMS picture messaging and advertise Valentine's inventory and promotions sales.
  • Offer text coupons of VIP discounts and continue to nurture customer relationships. Build up membership in loyalty programs by advertising this promotion.
  • Enable your business landline to receive texts with text-to-landline service and use 1-on-1 Chat to answer customer questions anytime, anywhere.

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How Restaurants Can Use Text Marketing

Mmm… chocolate. Four course extravagant cuisine or a favorite dinner from a neighborhood cafe. And a champagne toast. Encourage patrons to wine and dine their Valentine either at your restaurant — or with an order to go! After all, staying snuggly at home can be particularly romantic over a delicious meal.


Valentine's Text Message

Your Plan of Action:

  • Boost sales by texting special holiday tasting menus and exclusive promotions.
  • Promote COVID health standards and streamline customer service communications with text blasts relaying info for curbside pickup and contactless delivery options.
  • Streamline seasonal staffing with texted alerts for shift pick-ups, recruiting strategies, and scheduling challenges.

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How Fitness Can Use Text Marketing

Promote extra sweat sessions, get heart rates racing, and encourage clients to recharge, re-energize and activate their love lifes by signing up for gym memberships, adding extra PT sessions, or selling more equipment for workouts at home. Offer couples classes, couples massages at the spa, and couples sessions on Zoom — all with heart healthy discounts.

Your Plan of Action:

Valentine's Day Sample Text Message
  • Target new clients by offering 2-for-1 discounts that can be awarded to couples or singles and their besties. You can also award free class certificates to members to encourage them to bring in friends and other loved ones… and then capitalize on this by promoting memberships or class sign-ups.
  • Creatively promote special Valentine’s-themed workouts, like outdoor couples yoga retreats and give a little extra love to your sales pitches.
  • Get people moving… at home. Text trackable links links to your e-commerce site for stylish athleisure and equipment that will ramp up the cardio. Send links to workout routines that clients can follow to remain engaged.

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How Real Estate Can Use Text Marketing

What could be more romantic than sharing a new home together? Holiday weekends are always a prime time to capture attention for important listings — and Valentine’s is one of the holidays everyone cherishes most. Give properties an extra sales push and enhance brand awareness and lead generation efforts with creative marketing campaigns. The most successful agents take advantage of every opportunity to stand out in this fiercely competitive housing market.

Your Plan of Action:

Valentine's Day Sample Text Message
  • Decorate listings with Valentine’s themes that are on point... perhaps rose petals in the bedroom or candlelight flickering throughout the home. Text images via MMS picture messaging, which can act as a virtual tour and help narrow property searches for buyers.
  • Maintain social distancing by using text messaging to set up appointments for property showings, discourage non-essential parties from viewings, and use 1-on-1 Chat to answer questions.
  • Stay top-of-mind by sending personalized texts for the holiday with relevant homeowner tips like how to decorate the house before a Zoom Galentine’s event. Include a link to your website with more info which can also feature images of your listings.

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