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How to Recover Lost SMS Messages

How to Recover Lost SMS Messages

Trashing old text messages is a good way to improve your phone's performance, but knowing how to recover lost SMS messages means users can delete messages with more confidence. If one is accidentally deleted, it is possible to recover it in many cases. 

Large apps can take up a surprising amount of space on the hard drive. But did you know that SMS conversations can take up us much space? More, even, if there are pictures and video attached. Deleting text messages is easy, and should be done regularly to keep your phone running at optimal smoothness.

Understandably, many of us are reluctant to delete messages. We feel we may need the information in the future. Luckily, there are ways to recover deleted messages. If you don't know how to recover lost SMS messages, check out the three methods listed below.


How to Recover Lost SMS Messages


The iTunes Method

The simplest way to recover old messages is to perform regular backups to iTunes. Deleted SMS messages can be recalled simply by plugging your device in to a computer. 

Once connected to iTunes, click the phone icon in the upper left corner of the screen; choose ‘Restore Backup,’ and hey presto - all previously backed-up settings, text messages and apps will replace the current data on your phone. It takes a few minutes. 

Of course, this method can only replace data from your most recent backup. The iTunes Method can't recover data from previous backups.


The iCloud Method

The iCloud is a solid option for retrieving lost text messages, as long as your service area is within a territory that backs up SMS messages automatically. To check if this is the case, read on...

Log in to iCloud using your Apple ID/password. Check if "Text Messages” is available. If not, you're not covered. If it is, you can start searching through old SMS messages to find what you're after. 

To do this, search through the messages and locate the text or texts you want to restore to the phone. Next, navigate to the settings menu, turn on the iCloud and turn "Text Messages" off. A pop-up will appear - click ‘Keep on My iPhone.’ 

Now you can turn "Text Messages" back on in the settings menu. Click ‘Merge,’ and the messages you selected from the iCloud will start to appear (again, this takes a few minutes).


Third-Party Apps

There are a few third-party apps that can recover deleted iPhone data. Some cost money, which is why this option is less attractive than just recovering a backup from iTunes. But if an app is your only option, we have a couple of recommendations.

WonderShare is a nice piece of data recovery software, compatible with several devices. It recovers just about everything from lost pictures and videos to voicemails and SMS messages. Also recommended is iMobie PhoneRescue, which can recover 22 different file types. 

Lost or deleted text messages aren't usually a problem, but when you do need to get something back, you'll be glad you prepared your data storage practices ahead of time. Deleting old text messages should be a normal part of your iPhone’s maintenance, and is a good way to free up space. Equally, backing up the phone's data regularly should form a key part of your regular maintenance if you want to bid a permanent goodbye to the irritation of lost information.

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