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How Your Business Can Make the Most of Text Video Messages

Learn more about video text messaging and how to incorporate it into your business strategies.

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July 13, 2023
Chloe Mulliner
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If your business isn’t using video MMS messages, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to boost engagement with your customers and employees and connect with them on a more meaningful level.

Our guide on video messaging for businesses reveals everything you need to know about video texting and how to use it to your advantage. We’ll even debunk a few MMS marketing myths.

What is Video Messaging?

Before we dive into ways you can incorporate video MMS into your business, let’s back up and ensure you understand what video texting is in the first place.

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service, and it refers to a text message that includes an attached file, such as a photo, GIF, or in the case of a video MMS, a video clip.

If we compare SMS vs. MMS, an MMS differs from an SMS (short messaging service) in that it’s designed to support media, while an SMS is meant only to send words. Also, with an MMS, you’re not limited to the 160-character limit associated with an SMS text.

In short, an MMS gives you more flexibility and freedom when conveying your message.


How to Send a Video Text

So, how do you send text video messages? If you have a messaging platform like EZ Texting, you can easily upload the video clip and send it to your subscribers.

First, ensure your MP4 (video) file is smaller than 500 Kb/5MB. For simplicity’s sake, we recommend uploading your video to YouTube and copying and pasting the video’s link into your MMS message. If you’d like, you can include additional text that supports or explains the video. Once you’ve sent the MMS, your recipients will receive a text with a link to your video, and some of them may even see a preview of the clip, depending on the kind of phone they’re using.

Benefits of Sending Video Text Messages

What’s so great about sending video texts?

First and foremost, your business should consider experimenting with video messages because they offer a great way to catch your audience’s attention and encourage engagement. Think about it; sending a video clip is much more intriguing and captivating than sending a boring text block.

Not to mention, your audience is much more likely to remember your video and associate that video with your brand. A recent study revealed that people tend to retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to only 10% of the message when they read it. This shows that your audience is more likely to recall info and absorb your message when you send it via video text.

5 Ways to Send Video Messages

Now you’re all set to begin experimenting with your video texts. Below are just five of the many ways you can use video messages within your business:

1. Sneak Peaks

Video texting is excellent at providing your audience with a teaser. For example, maybe you’re a realtor and want to give your clients a preview of a house going on the market next week. Or, perhaps your company is introducing a brand new product, and you’d like your subscribers to have an insider’s look before the grand reveal.

Video messages can help hook your subscribers and make them eager to know more.


2. Introductions

Video messages also offer a prime way of providing personal, thoughtful introductions or greetings to your internal teams or clients.

Let’s say your company just hired a new CEO to oversee your remote company. In this case, the CEO might want to send a mass video text to the entire company, introducing herself and giving some insight into her background and expertise. This not only gives a name to a face, but it can also help her coworkers feel more connected to her.

Alternatively, your company might send virtual holiday greetings to its clients over text. For this idea, you could film all your employees in the office wearing Santa hats, wishing their clients a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. It’s a small gesture that can go a long way in building and nourishing your client relationships.

3. Promotions

Rather than sending a plain old text announcing a sale, why not send a flashy video instead? Ask your design team to create a promo video that showcases an upcoming sale, so you can send bulk MMS messages about it to all your subscribers. It could be something as simple as a dancing GIF that reveals a special promo code or a full-on video with artsy clips of your products on sale.

While at it, don’t forget you can repurpose these videos and place them on your other marketing channels. For example, you could share the same GIF on your Instagram page or post the sales clip on your TikTok account to help get more eyes on your content.

4. Tutorials

Another way to send video messages is to offer a QR code that customers can scan upon receiving your product. Once they scan the code, they can subscribe to receive videos regarding their purchase.

For instance, send a video with steps to install your device or clean your product. Or, you could share video texts with clips showing how to use or wear the product in different ways.

5. Training Courses

Many people are visual learners, meaning they learn best when seeing it in action in front of them. Use this to your advantage by offering short training courses via text.

Let’s say you’re onboarding new employees to your company. In this case, you could send message videos to them outlining how to download a program on their computer or navigate to your company dashboard.


Discover How EZ Texting Can Help Your Business

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