Mass Text Messaging for Retail Stores

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In a congested direct marketing environment, mass text messaging for retail stores is an effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers. Mass texting for retailers is more personal than TV, billboard or magazine advertising, more effective than direct mail and online advertising, and attracts a response rate up to eight times higher than the same message sent via email.

Mass text messaging for retail stores reaches customers without computers or smartphones. Consequently, businesses can broaden their promotional reach, increase brand awareness and stimulate customer engagement more effectively with mass texting for retailers than with any other form of direct marketing. Furthermore, people like getting text messages.

Recently a study was conducted concerning how customers preferred to receive marketing messages. 75% of those surveyed said they preferred SMS. Further research has shown that 90% of customers opting into an SMS loyalty program believe they benefit from that program, and that brands using text messaging as a marketing channel reach 95% of their target audiences.

How Mass Text Messaging for Retail Stores Works

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Mass text messaging for retail stores is not just effective - it is cost-effective. For pennies per message, you can reach your customers wherever they are, whatever they are doing. There is no need for copywriters or designers. You don´t need to buy advertising space or compose clever social media comments that are unlikely to ever be read (only 29% of Tweets and 12% of Facebook posts are read).

Instead, you log into your mass texting for retailers platform, compose your marketing message, upload the mobile phone numbers of the customers you want to receive the message, and click send. If you would prefer to send your customers something a little special, most mass text messaging platforms support sending multimedia messages (MMS) containing image, video and/or audio files.

Once your marketing message has been dispatched, you can monitor how well your marketing campaign is performing via the platform´s reporting features. By being able to capture data such as coupon redemption rates and spikes in engagement, you will be able to fine-tune future marketing campaigns for an even better response next time.

Using Mass Texting for Retailers from EZ Texting

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EZ Texting is a powerful text messaging and multimedia messaging web-based platform that enables retailers to broaden their promotional reach, increase brand awareness and stimulate more customer engagement. Using our versatile platform, mass text messaging for retail stores could not be any easier. The platform has an intuitive interface and a wide selection of features that allow businesses to:

  • Forward-plan marketing campaigns and schedule when the campaigns are to be sent.
  • Run recurring marketing campaigns or drip-feed a promotion over a period of time.
  • Create compelling messages and save them as templates to be used in future campaigns.
  • Personalize messages to customers by including their name in the text message.
  • Incorporate QR codes, coupon codes and tiny URLs to stimulate customer engagement.
  • Forward customer responses from the platform to a dedicated mobile device.

EZ Texting also has a series of tools that helps with database management. Customers can be assigned tags to express their special interests, geographical location or texting preferences. APIs exist to integrate the EZ Texting platform into web applications such as SalesForce, MailChimp and EventBright. We will even help you increase your customer database by providing you with sign-up tools for your websites and social media channels to enable customers to easily opt in to your text promotions.

Get a Free Trial of Mass Texting for Retailers

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The best way to test how effective mass text messaging for retail stores is for your business is to try it out for free - and our free trial allows you to do just that. Sign up online, or speak with our team of Client Success Managers, and they will explain how you can set up an account with EZ Texting and start texting your customers for free today.

There is no credit card required and no contract. Your trial account comes with free credits for you to use as you wish (within our Terms of Service, of course). Our friendly team will also offer some helpful tips to get you started based on tried and tested strategies successfully used in your area of business.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and get answers to any questions you may have about how mass text messaging for retail stores can help your business broaden its promotional reach, increase brand awareness and stimulate more customer engagement. With EZ mass texting for retailers, your business can cut through the congested direct marketing environment to generate sales and improve your business' revenues!

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