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Retail text message marketing is often claimed to be the most cost-effective way for businesses to conduct marketing campaigns to a database of responsive customers. These claims are supported by various studies that show that 91% of Americans have a mobile device within arm’s length 24/7, 90% of text messages get read within three minutes, and brands’ text marketing promotions by SMS reach 95% of their target audience.

However, do these studies necessarily prove that retail text message marketing is the best way to engage customers, generate sales and increase revenues? The world’s largest drink company seems to think so. The Coca-Cola Company spends 70% of its mobile marketing budget on retail text message marketing. That is a significant percentage in an environment in which there are multiple alternative forms of direct marketing opportunities.

Retail Text Message Marketing in a Congested Direct Marketing Environment

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Consumers are exposed to direct marketing practically every waking hour of the day. When you watch TV, listen to the radio or read a magazine, you are exposed to direct marketing. Online advertising, Facebook ads and promoted Tweets disrupt your browsing experience; and, if you leave your house to get away from it all, you cannot walk down the street without seeing ads on billboards, the sides of buses and even park benches.

These ads are often expensive and their effectiveness is difficult to gauge.. Unless it is possible to measure click-through rates or promotions’ redemption rates via specific marketing codes, substantiating the effectiveness of advertising is difficult. In fact, so many consumers are deafened by the “noise” of direct marketing that they become oblivious to it - making many forms of direct marketing completely ineffective.

Email marketing is the closest form of direct marketing to retail text message marketing with respect to cost and accountability, but not for effectiveness. Whereas 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, only 22% of emails are ever opened. This is often explained by retail text message marketing reaching older-model cell phones as well as Smartphones, but it does not explain the much higher coupon redemption rates for retailers texting marketing promotions by SMS.

Retail Text Message Marketing Promotion via SMS

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For those not familiar with retail text message marketing, sending marketing promotions by SMS conjures up the image of an intern sitting at a desk with a cellphone, individually texting thousands of customers. In reality retail text message marketing is much simpler than that. All you need is an online account with a text messaging service provider. You log in into the online account, compose your text message, upload the relevant list of recipients, and click send.

Recipients - your opted-in customers and prospects - can be sorted into groups so that the messages they receive are relevant to their interests and/or geographical locations. This feature not only prevents the “overkill” of texting marketing promotions by SMS to customers who would not be interested in them, but it also saves money by filtering out unnecessary expense. Naturally, for a major event such as Black Friday, all the customer lists can be uploaded for messaging.

The online account should also provide you with the tools necessary to gauge the success of your marketing campaign. Depending on the platform´s settings, you should be able to measure your performance, including spikes in engagement, customer responses, opens and click-throughs. An analysis of this data will help with the preparation of future marketing campaigns to increase their effectiveness.

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EZ Texting is a versatile text messaging platform with all the features you need to conduct successful marketing campaigns to a database of responsive customers. With retail text message marketing from EZ Texting, you can create personalized SMS messages, forward-schedule recurring marketing campaigns, send multimedia (MMS) messages, and incorporate QR codes, coupon codes and tiny URLs to stimulate customer engagement.

Access your online account from any Internet-connected device. You can even have your customer´s responses forwarded to your personal mobile device when an Internet connection is not available. EZ Texting makes texting marketing promotions by SMS simple with the ability to upload customer lists from CSV, XLS or XLSX files; APIs are available to integrate EZ Texting with existing web applications such as EventBrite, MailChimp and SalesForce.

If you would like to see how retail text message marketing from EZ Texting can benefit your business, why not try signing up to give it a free try?

After you’ve signed up, we recommend checking out our free Retail Text Message Marketing Playbook. Use this special playbook to guide your text message marketing efforts. With access to expert text message marketing insights, your retail business has all the “plays” it needs to deploy powerful text marketing messages that deliver immediate and sustained results.

While an SMS text messages service makes it easier to stand out from your competitors when compared to other retail advertising opportunities, there are also ways that your messages can stand out from other text promotions. Some of the stand-out features that you may find on your bulk SMS texting software web-based platform include:

  1. The option to add images
  2. The option to embed videos
  3. Surveys and polls
  4. Extended text length
  5. Personalized message fields, including customer names
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You may also stand out by simply choosing active language when writing your SMS promotional texts. Pull viewers into the message with words and characters that they find relatable. This requires you to know your target market well. Splitting your contact list into categories through advanced keyword use will allow you to send the most targeted messages to each person on your list.

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