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Should Businesses Use a Text Conversation Generator?

Make your decision easy with our guide. You’ll learn about these helpful AI tools' benefits, drawbacks, and critical considerations.

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June 12, 2024
Kathleen Crampton
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Consumers everywhere want personalized, human-sounding interactions with businesses, but they expect them to be easy and quick. This puts pressure on customer service and marketing teams to leverage data and communication techniques to enhance the customer experience — and fast.

To more effectively manage these interactions, businesses can use text conversation generators. Learn if they suit your business by understanding the benefits, potential drawbacks, and what to consider before deciding.

What Is a Text Conversation Generator, and How Does It Work?

A text conversation generator is software powered by AI that can create realistic and engaging text conversations. Think about personal interactions you’ve had with brands over the past few years—chances are you used a chatbot, a virtual assistant, or another type of text-based interaction (like SMS conversations), even if you didn’t know it then.

These are examples of what a text chat generator can do: enhance the customer experience by helping businesses have meaningful conversations with their contacts.

But how does it work exactly?

The generator first collects a large dataset of previous text conversations, customer insights information (like demographics, preferences, purchase history, and other customer segmentation buckets), and industry terminology. This helps the generator learn from past customer interactions to create new conversations. In essence, you’re training a machine-learning model on your provided data.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Text Conversation Generator?

There are several benefits of using a text conversation generator: to automate customer service tasks, to enhance the customer experience, to gather feedback from customers, and to provide real-time support.

Automate Customer Service Tasks

If you want effortless customer service, a text message conversation generator is the ticket. Instead of your customer service team having to manually sift through every customer inquiry, they can offload the bulk of the work to the AI chat generator. They can use their newfound freedom to work on other important tasks.

Similarly, text conversation generators can come up with responses to customer questions and messages by using natural language processing, which frees up your customer service team’s time. However, they must monitor the tool’s effectiveness closely to ensure customers get the right responses.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Sample Text Message

Personalization in marketing and customer service is more important than ever. In a 2021 survey by McKinsey & Company, 71% of consumers noted that they expect personalization in online and mobile interactions. That’s where a text chat generator can help.

Many companies find it difficult and time-consuming to sift through customer behavior data to create meaningful text conversations. But this data is crucial for enhancing their experience with your business. Your text message conversation generator can provide interactions tailored to each customer, giving them the feeling of white-glove service. And it can do this by using all the data you feed it.

Gather Feedback From Customers

Gathering feedback is a great way to boost customer engagement and give them more buy-in to your brand. Use a text message generator to send surveys via SMS, then leverage the conversational AI tool to garner helpful customer responses.

Perhaps the phone text generator sends a text blast to your contacts about their recent customer service experience, asking an open-ended question and requesting a text message response. The AI tool can respond appropriately to each message, even providing follow-up questions if necessary.

This is a considerable benefit to businesses, as it’s important to take a pulse on customer sentiment around their experience with your brand. That way, you can continue to improve and foster more meaningful connections with your audience.

Provide Real-Time Support

Humans can’t work at lightning speed, but AI tools can. Any type of AI generator, text generator, image generator, and so forth can produce outputs extremely fast. What does this mean for your business?

With a text chat generator, your customers can receive responses within hours, minutes, or even seconds! The more time that goes by between inquiries and responses, the more time the customer has to shop elsewhere or lose faith in your business’s ability to meet their expectations. Don’t let that happen.

The AI software can provide real-time support, the benefit of which is twofold: your customers get answers more quickly, and your customer service team doesn’t have to work overtime responding to inquiries. So, while your employees rest their heads on their pillows after a productive day, your text message generator still manages these interactions, making for happy customers and a happy workforce.

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What Are the Drawbacks of Using a Text Conversation Generator?

Though the benefits are vast, some drawbacks to using a text conversation generator include cost, difficulty training the people who will use it, and accuracy. Let’s explore each of these in more detail.

Can Be Expensive

As with any new tool your business wants to implement, it will require a cost-benefit analysis. And a text message generator using conversational AI is no different. It will require an up-front and potentially ongoing cost. Here are a few routes your business can take:

  • Develop and maintain it in-house. Developing your own text conversation generator might be a good option if you want an AI solution tailored to your company’s needs and brand. However, customization comes at a cost. To build and maintain it internally, you’ll need to hire the right talent, which means you’ll need to pay local salaries for developer and data scientist positions, benefits, and more.
  • Develop it, but outsource maintenance. Your company can build the AI tool in-house but outsource maintenance and management to a contractor. The overall investment won’t be as high.
  • Purchase a pre-built solution. Pre-built conversational AI solutions aren’t cheap, but they take much of the work off your plate. Many solutions can integrate seamlessly with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform and can be customized depending on your business needs. Different features, like chatbots vs. virtual assistants, will probably have other associated costs.

Difficulty With Training

The world of AI and its related tools is often challenging to comprehend. That’s why many SMBs have fears about adopting AI tools. Suppose business leaders don’t have a good hold on how a text chat generator will be used, and the employees using it don’t know how to leverage it effectively for their needs. In that case, the tool won’t be effective, the people using it will become frustrated, and business leaders might lose faith in the solution.

AI business solutions usually require training on how to use them effectively. So, your business should contract the right people to do this. Many of the pre-built AI solutions even include training resources.

Might Not Always Be Accurate

To build trust with your audience, accuracy is vital. However, AI tools will only be as accurate as their data. If data is biased, the text message generator might be, too. If there’s insufficient data, the generator won’t have enough information to analyze to provide the best responses, potentially misleading customers.

When Should Businesses Use a Text Conversation Generator?

Businesses should use a text conversation generator if they need to automate certain tasks if they need to enhance customer interactions, and, most importantly, if they have enough data.

When deciding if your business should incorporate this AI solution, here are some questions to consider.

Illustration of three questions in a checklist format

Do You Want to Automate Tasks?

Consider your customer service and marketing/sales teams. Have they voiced a need for solutions that help them deliver a better customer experience while offloading some tasks?

Text message conversation generators can route messages to the appropriate agent, send auto-replies, and deliver deep customer insights quickly and efficiently, meaning that your teams can work on more creative or higher-thinking tasks. 

Do You Need to Enhance Your Customer Interactions?

If your business has found it challenging to drive personalization in customer interactions, it might be time to implement a conversational AI solution.

Text conversation generators are backed by loads of data and customer information, which we noted earlier. They can enhance customer interactions by providing suggestions based on an individual’s past shopping habits, creating tailored shopping experiences through virtual assistants, and giving customers access to the content, products, or services they need quickly. They’ll be on their way to becoming lifelong customers.

Do You Have Enough Data?

This question is super important. Earlier, we touched on how the amount and types of data are crucial to the accuracy and effectiveness of your tool. If your business doesn’t have enough data to feed to and train the text chat generator, then it will be a less accurate and robust solution.

Ensure you have been storing customer conversation data, purchase histories, shopping behaviors, and other insights and that you have a large enough dataset to form a truly effective tool.


How Do I Choose the Right Text Conversation Generator for My Business?

To choose the right text conversation generator for your business, you must look at eight things: cost, features, training resources, how it processes real-time information, security, industry expertise, and its ability to scale.

  1. Cost. Understand how the AI generator is priced, whether it’s per message, per conversation, per customer, or another pricing system.
  2. Features. Different businesses will need different features. Yours might need both a chatbot and a virtual assistant or one or the other. You’ll want to see if the solution includes a data and analytics dashboard and what integrations are supported. It has to be able to integrate with your SMS marketing platform. 
  3. Training resources. The people using the generator tool must be able to use it well. Ask if there is an initial training session and subsequent as-needed training, as well as live agents or resource documents.
  4. How it processes information. To create the best customer experiences, the tool should be able to understand intent, label conversations under specific categories, route them to suitable agents if human interaction is needed, and, of course, respond appropriately, given the type of inquiry.
  5. Security. Keeping your customers’ data secure is crucial. Understand what security and privacy measures are in place.
  6. Industry expertise. Has the tool been trained on data from your specific industry? For example, data for a business in the healthcare industry will differ quite a bit from one in e-commerce.
  7. Ability to scale. No matter the size of your business, you want to ensure that the tool you choose can scale as your company grows, brings in more customers, and expands its contact list.

What Are the Future Trends in Text Conversation Generators?

There are some key future trends in text conversation generators to look out for. Here’s a sneak peek.

They Will Be More Effective and Accurate

Text conversation generators are as effective and accurate as their data, so the more businesses use these AI tools, continually feeding them with robust data, the more effective and precise they will be. Companies that offer these types of devices to businesses will be able to train the generators with this data to create a better service.

They’ll Have a Wider Variety of Applications

While text message generators powered by AI are used in many industries, some have been slow to adopt these tools.

Take healthcare, for example. Even though COVID-19 transformed communication between patients and healthcare providers, it still didn’t remove the need for face-to-face interactions altogether. Plus, with privacy concerns and a massive amount of medical terminology, it makes sense that these AI tools haven’t been fully adopted in a healthcare environment. But as these generators become more secure and able to handle the vast and complex medical language, we’ll probably see more of them applied in these settings.

Consumers Will Continue to Expect More Robust Interactions

Consumers already want brand personalization. But in the future, they will continue to expect robust interactions with companies, from chatbots to virtual assistants and conversational AI in SMS marketing, meaning that businesses need to continue to enhance their customer service and marketing strategies to include AI. Make sure your business isn’t left behind.

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A text conversation generator collects a large dataset of previous text conversations, customer insights information (like demographics, preferences, and purchase history), and industry terminology. This helps the generator learn from past customer interactions to create new conversations. It’s being trained on the data it’s provided.

To implement a text conversation generator in your business, here are the general steps:

  • Select or develop a text conversation generator
  • Provide it with data
  • Integrate the generator with your business's existing systems, like a CRM and an SMS marketing platform
  • Monitor its performance

Text conversation generators must be maintained and updated to ensure accuracy, effectiveness, and reliability. You’ll need to continually provide it with new data from customer interactions and information, monitor it for errors, and troubleshoot if there are issues. Many text conversation generator services will maintain the tool for you, or you can do this internally or contract it out.

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