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5 Tips for Using Conversational SMS Marketing to Grow Your Business

Boost customer engagement and your biz with two-way SMS, a helpful tool for your marketing strategy tool kit

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December 8, 2023
Kathleen Crampton
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Are you looking for a powerful way to connect with your customers and take your marketing to the next level? Well, you’re in the right place. Conversational SMS marketing is the name of the customer engagement game. It’s like having a friendly, helpful conversation with your audience right in the palm of your hand (or at the click of your mouse).

But what exactly is two-way SMS marketing? Imagine engaging with your customers personally and conveniently, all through texting. Two-way text messaging is the ability to send and receive two-way messages and have back-and-forth text conversations with contacts. It’s a simple tool that can greatly improve your customer experience and boost your biz.

Ready to create meaningful interactions, nurture customers, and help your business thrive? Let’s cover some tips and best practices for incorporating conversational messaging into your marketing plan.


Use Conversational SMS as a Form of Lead Generation

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Need more contacts? No problem. One way to increase leads and your audience reach is to add a textable number or short code to your website. When people access your site from their phone and tap the number, they’ll automatically be taken to their text messaging app, with your number pre-filled. Then, they must type your dedicated keyword or their question or message and click “Send.”

This makes it easy for customers to get access to discounts and quick answers to questions about your product or service and expands your lead generation tactics.

You can start the two-way SMS lead generation process with QR codes and online sign-up forms.


Reconnect With Customers

Sample Text Message

If you haven’t heard from a customer, reconnect via text. Send unique promotions via text campaigns to contacts to remind them of and rekindle their interest in your brand. Conversational text messaging is helpful with this strategy because it gives customers and clients a more personalized experience than a mass email or text blast, setting your business apart from competitors.

You can even use conversational text for fundraising to reconnect with past donors: “Hey there, Amber, it’s been awhile since we’ve connected. Our agency has been doing a lot of good work in the community lately, and with your help, we can do so much more. We invite you to check out our current initiatives page and donate if you can: [short link]”


Nurture the Customer Journey

With the ever-increasing number of companies and products in the marketplace, it’s only natural that shoppers can have decision paralysis. That’s why it’s extra important that potential and current customers are nurtured in their buying journeys. Boost your SMS campaign with conversational SMS marketing.

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Here’s an example: A shopper spends time on your website perusing products and then adds a few things to their cart. But then they leave their cart to check prices on other brand websites. Instead of waiting for them to come back to your website, take action with a triggered abandoned cart text message: “[Boardwalk Bikes] Hi Laura! It looks like you’ve left some really cool stuff in your cart. Do you have any questions about our products or policies? Feel free to message us right here!”

By allowing customers to participate in two-way SMS, businesses can help seal the deal on a sale. Customers sometimes need a little motivation to complete a purchase, which often involves questions about return policies, customer service, warranties, etc. The more quickly you can help them, the more likely they’ll click “Buy.”


Improve Your Service-Based Business

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Does your business involve appointments or reservations? If so, conversational SMS is the way to go. You might already use text automation for appointment and reservation reminders, but incorporating two-way texting allows customers and clients to reschedule or ask questions without calling or emailing.

How can this boost your business? It goes back to personalization. People are more likely to frequent your business if they feel like you’re catering to their needs.


Respond Quickly to Inquiries

In the business world, a customer waiting for answers is a lost customer. The more time that goes by between their message and your reply, the more of a risk there is of losing them to another brand.

Plus, because texting is quick communication, people want replies as soon as possible. Ensure that responses are sent within a few minutes or, at most, a few hours.

Boost Your Business With EZ Texting

At EZ Texting, we’re all about making small business SMS marketing easier for you, with contact management, plenty of text messaging tools, analytics and reporting, and more. Conversational SMS marketing is just one feature you’ll enjoy when you sign up. Learn more about this powerful marketing tool with our complete conversational texting guide.

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