5 Unexpected Places To Advertise Your SMS Marketing Keyword

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By now, you've probably set up a solid SMS Marketing plan. You have short-message content and offers ready to roll in all the right places. Everything you've done creates re-engagement opportunities for repeat customers. The good news is, you have a competent, well-thought-out SMS plan.

Sadly, there's some other news — more and more of your competitors have SMS marketing plans too. If you want to stand out in the short-message field, you need to reach people with your keyword and short code from places where they don't expect to find them. This gives you more exposure than your competition, and makes your message stickier for potential customers. Here's how to go forward.

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    1. Apparel

    There's a reason bands and sports teams distribute so many T-shirts, and it's not just the sale price. People pay attention to their messages.

    Attract attention, interest, and possible new business, by including your keyword and short code on employee uniforms, branded baseball caps, and any other garb you send out into the world. Bonus points for connecting your product with a body part — such as putting a message about your chiropractic practice along a T-shirt's spine. Summer-based products could even distribute temporary tattoos. 

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    2. Paperwork

    If your SMS message isn't already on your business cards and letterhead, you're behind the curve — but paperwork opportunities shouldn't stop there. Invoices and receipts with your keyword and short code put the message in front of your best prospects: people who have already bought your product. Although physical coupons may seem like something from ancient history, all of your print promotions should include your SMS marketing. 

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    3. Equipment

    If you run a delivery or in-home service, your SMS should be on every vehicle in your fleet. If you rent out equipment, or your people use gear in the field, a sticker with your SMS should be prominent on each item. Business equipment and fleet vehicles are visible, memorable, and in the public eye — so take advantage of this often underused resource.

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    4. Disposables

    Restaurants send out hundreds of take-out containers every year. Coffee shops buy cup sleeves by the thousands. Napkins, place mats, shoe protectors, and plastic gloves all cycle through the public eye before going into the trash. Printing on these items is inexpensive, and puts your SMS message in front of countless pairs of eyes.

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    5. Set Pieces

    Among the many advantages of SMS, a key one is that because it uses so few words, there's room for a compelling, funny, or meaningful advertisement focusing on visual elements. You may have seen the recent paint advertisement that looks like it's spilling over the street below, or the seat-belt equipped bus bench advertising safe investments. Getting creative with a set piece advertisement enriches your short-form campaign.

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