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3 Ways to Promote & Market Your New SMS Keyword

SMS keywords unlock a new realm of marketing opportunities for your business to elicit purchasing curiosity and drive more trackable engagement. Here are the top tips for sharing your marketing SMS keywords and driving customer acquisition.

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June 20, 2024
Marco Raye
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Successful text marketing campaigns hinge on healthy subscriber lists. Champion contact lists include steady streams of high-quality, engaged contacts who opt in because they want to hear from your brand. While continuously generating a flow of new subscribers can be challenging, it doesn't have to be with SMS keywords.

SMS keywords are among small businesses' easiest and most powerful list growth tools. Why? Because they enable brands to accomplish more in their SMS campaigns through highly targeted bulk texts containing short bursts of valuable information like alerts, notifications, promotions, and scheduling tools. Marketing SMS keywords are usually unique, attention-grabbing words or short phrases that either trigger a text subscription or let your contacts request more information. Today we delve deeper into SMS keywords and the top three tips to improve your text keyword strategy, engage audiences, and drive customer acquisitions.



3 Ways to Promote & Market Your SMS Keyword

No one marketing strategy is one-size-fits-all, but can the same be said about a text marketing tool? Here are the top ways to get the most value out of SMS keywords in your text messaging strategy. Drumroll, please!


Get Social

Is posting on social media for your business important? Is water wet? If you haven't already, now's the time to leverage your SMS keywords across your social platforms. Here are a few ways to integrate SMS keywords with your social media platforms:

Sample IG profile showcasing SMS keyword usage in the profile description
  • Maximize Profile “Real Estate.” You can include SMS keywords in places like your profile bios, captions, and posts, and even include them in conversations or live videos. Regardless of which social platforms your business chooses to have a presence on, weaving SMS Keywords into your regular content streams is simple and effective, especially for growing your SMS subscriber lists.
  • Conduct Text-to-win contests. Many EZ Texting customers agree that text-to-win contests are popular methods for engaging target audiences and accomplishing an array of goals, from lead generation and boosting conversions to driving engagement, satisfying soft objectives, and improving brand awareness. Share the word on your social accounts so followers can enter by texting a designated keyword to a textable number for a chance to win a special prize. SMS keywords are flexible resources that stretch across nearly every social media platform, like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Optimize Automated Replies and Engage More. When your customers send a unique SMS keyword to your textable number, they receive an auto-reply message, usually expressing gratitude and instructing them on how to proceed to the next step. This is also an excellent opportunity to thank subscribers and continue the conversation by pointing them to your social media accounts to learn more about your brand and nurture a stronger connection.


Hit Their Inbox

Sample email with Text keyword in hero banner

When email and SMS marketing join forces, the result is an effective and nearly unstoppable marketing machine that can reach your target audience at home or on the go. Emails provide you with a longer format, where you can include interviews, photos, and videos that give life to your products. You can also include marketing SMS keywords all along the way, like in the main image your audience first sees or throughout the email as call-to-actions.

In addition to providing more access to your customers, and allowing you to personalize that experience, how else can email and text marketing work in tandem? Read more ideas on how to text your email subscribers.


QR Codes & In-Store Promotion

You likely scanned a QR code or two during the pandemic while practicing safe distance shopping or dining. Text messaging and QR codes work perfectly together as an inexpensive and effective way of managing needs as diverse as supplying contactless menus at restaurants, streamlining temperature and symptom checks at workplaces, and easily opting customers into loyalty programs. Try adding marketing SMS keywords to the auto-reply messages sent when prospects scan your customer-generated in-app QR codes. This step speeds up your text subscription process and helps you organize your subscribers. QR codes also help you echo sales or seasonal promotions you may be running.

Sample in-store promotion with QR code and sample conversation

Start Your SMS Keyword Campaign Today

There are numerous ways to implement SMS keywords into your day-to-day marketing messaging. Start with these three to gain real conversation traction with your audience and push your business towards accomplishing its goals.

EZ Texting has helped thousands of small business customers send millions of SMS and MMS messages to contacts, customers, and supporters. Through user-focused features, like SMS keywords, our texting platform continues helping businesses like yours generate interest, mobilize action, and nurture connectivity with new and returning target audience members.

Please request a demo today if you have any questions about marketing SMS keywords. Or you can start your free trial today (no credit card required). Happy texting!

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