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There are a lot of auto auctions out there; to ensure yours is well attended, you need to provide more than just need your promotional messaging to be heard. You need to cut through the “noise” coming from competing auctions and ensure that your own messaging stands out above the rest. Email -- which goes to SPAM -- and phone calls -- which aren’t answered -- don’t suffice. Nor do expensive radio and television ads, which have become perceived as irritations and often end up muted. You need a whole new approach.

Cut Through the Noise

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You won’t find a more effective communications medium than SMS text messaging. It boasts a 99% open rate, with approximately 90% of those messages read within the first three minutes of receipt. When you text your contacts -- with information related to upcoming auctions, incentives to attend, or even available inventory -- you can rest assured that your message will be noticed. You can even use MMS (multimedia messaging) to send images, video, and more -- why not entice your customers and prospects with pictures of available cars? Or incentive prizes? You’re limited only by your imagination.

Smarter, Not Harder

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When it comes to your outreach, you need to work smarter, not harder. With SMS text messaging, you’re replacing expensive, time consuming, and ultimately ineffective channels of communication with one boasting an unsurpassed rate of engagement...and for a fraction of the cost. Impress your contacts using text, images, audio, or video, and know that your message will be heard.

Out With the Old, In With the New

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Most auto auctions rely on traditional channels to promote their events. And those channels are bursting at the seams with competing messaging, all vying to be heard above the others. The result for overwhelmed end-recipients is sheer frustration. Moreover, average open rates for email (22%) and direct mail (2-5%) do not justify the time, energy, and cost that goes into producing them. The number of steps alone -- design, development, testing, approvals, printing -- as well as the skillsets required -- graphic design, web development, etc. -- make these channels inherently high-maintenance, demanding, and cost-ineffective.

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Your Customers Want You to Text Them

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You already use text messaging yourself, and you know that your customers do as well. Why not have your business join the conversation? Text messaging -- with its immediacy, simplicity, and clarity -- is valued by consumers, with 64% indicating that companies should use SMS more frequently to interact with their customers, and 70% considering it an effective way to reach them. If you knew there was a tool that would ensure your message is heard -- details concerning upcoming auctions, venue details, inventory teasers, incentives, and more -- wouldn’t you use it? SMS messaging is it.

If you have specific types of inventory, assigning a keyword to each type will enable your contacts to learn more about those offerings. Texting in keywords is also a great way to obtain opt-ins for your SMS marketing list. Invite viewers to text in on your website, in your print or online ads, or in your signage. For those contacts that have opted in, creating automated “drip” campaigns that send periodic event reminders and enticements leading up to an auction is a great way to build both interest and enthusiasm. Text messaging reaches your contacts wherever they are, and immediately captures their attention. It’s also incredibly simple to use: log in from any device with an Internet connection, select your contacts, compose your message, and send. The entire process takes minutes, and is extraordinarily effective.

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