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It is often claimed that SMS for retail promotions is the most effective and inexpensive method of conducting marketing campaigns to a responsive database of customers. These claims are supported by research revealing that 91% of Americans have their mobile devices within reach at all times, and that 98% of SMS messages are opened within three minutes.

However, do these points necessarily prove that SMS for retail is the best promotion for engaging customers? And, if so, how? In order to answer these questions, we should start by looking at some of the marketing alternatives available for retailers, and how they compare with respect to cost, effectiveness and accountability.

The World Is Awash With Direct Marketing

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Wherever you go and whatever you do, it is likely that you will encounter direct marketing. Ads on the TV, on the radio, on the Internet, on billboards and in your favorite magazine tell you about the latest must-have product or must-attend event. You can´t even communicate with your friends on social media without getting bombarded by Facebook ads and promoted Tweets.

These ads are expensive, and often the only person who benefits from them is the vendor of the advertising space. The volume of “noise” being generated by these ads is deafening - preventing your potential customers from hearing anything at all - and, unless a promotion has a specific marketing code or coupon accompanying it, the response to any form of direct marketing is difficult to substantiate.

Email marketing is the closest form of direct marketing to SMS for retail promotions for cost and accountability, but not for effectiveness. Because messages sent by SMS reach non-Smartphone users as well as Smartphone users, the redemption rates for coupons sent by SMS are nearly ten times higher than those placed in magazines or sent by email.

So, How Does SMS for Retail Promotions Work?


SMS for retail promotions cuts through the “noise” by taking advantage of the intimacy of text messaging. You, as a retailer, simply use a web-based platform to compose your message, upload the group(s) of customers you want to receive the message, and click send. Within minutes, your message is being received by your customers wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

For the easier management of your customers - and to enable targeted marketing campaigns - groups of customers can be tagged by interest, source, or location, or sorted into whatever category you feel is most appropriate. This, for example, enables you to promote sports goods sales to customers interested in sports goods, or the opening of a new store to customers in a certain location.

The web-based platform has the tools necessary to accurately track delivery and response rates of the marketing message so that that you can monitor the progress of your marketing campaign and analyze the results. Not only does this mean you have proof that your customers have engaged, but also the ability to tweak future SMS for retail promotions to achieve better results.

SMS for Retail Promotions from EZ Texting

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EZ Texting takes SMS for retail promotions to a new level of simplicity. Our platform has an intuitive interface that enables the uploading and sorting of customer lists from CSV, XLS or XLSX files. Audio and video files can also be uploaded to send as MMS (multimedia) messages without any advanced technical skills required. With SMS for retail promotions from EZ Texting, you can also:

  • Forward-plan and schedule promotional announcements.
  • Create templates and save them for future campaigns.
  • Personalize SMS messages with the customers´ names.
  • Schedule drip-fed or recurring marketing campaigns.
  • Add QR codes and tiny URLs to increase and track customer engagement.
  • Have replies and responses forwarded to any mobile device.
  • Integrate web apps such as EventBrite, MailChimp and SalesForce.

EZ Texting´s platform gives you the opportunity to create brand awareness and purchasing intent without spending a fortune on ad designers, project managers, or advertising space. SMS for retail promotions can be composed and dispatched within minutes from any location on any device that has Internet access., We even offer you the opportunity to test our service for free!

Free Trial from EZ Texting

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Signing up for a Free Trial of EZ Texting gives retailers of all sizes the opportunity to test out SMS for retail promotions. There are no contracts to sig and no commitments to make.

Simply sign up online or call our team of Client Success Managers today to take advantage of this offer. Our team members will be glad to answer any questions you may have about SMS for retail promotions and offer suggestions about how you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns (after all, we want you to be as successful as much as you do).

If you later decide that the benefits of SMS for retail promotions justify increasing your level of service, our team will be on hand to discuss your requirements and suggest the most suitable plan for your needs and your budget. With EZ Texting, SMS for retail promotions could not be any easier - or more cost-effective.