SMS Marketing for Retailers

In an environment overloaded with information, SMS marketing for retailers is an effective way to engage your customers, create brand awareness and develop purchasing intent. More intimate than TV, billboard or radio advertising - and more immediate than email, online or magazine advertising - SMS marketing for retail gets your message to your customers wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

The effectiveness of SMS marketing for retail cannot be beaten. 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of receipt. 91% of Americans have their cellphones within reach 24/7. And, because SMS marketing for retailers reaches customers with non-smartphones as well as those with the latest technology, retailers using SMS for retail promotions typically reach 95% of their target audience.

The cost of engaging your customers by text message makes SMS marketing for retail even more justifiable. For just pennies per message, you can send details of your latest promotion via an increasingly preferred communications channel that boasts a response rate of up to five times better than online advertising and up to eight times better than email marketing.

How SMS Marketing for Retail Works

Compared with many other marketing communications channels, there is no need for advanced design or technical skills in order to use SMS marketing for retail. You simply create an account with a bulk messaging provider, compose your message, upload the list of customers you want to receive it, and click send. Within minutes your customers will be reading about your latest promotion.

Because not all of your customers will always be interested in the same thing - or because you may have different promotions that would suit different customers - you can assign tags to your customers and sort them into groups. This way, if you have a promotions running in your gardening section and your sportswear section, you only send out the text messages to those who would be interested.

Once your text message has been sent, you can track how many people are receiving it and responding to it via the same online platform that you used to send the message. Using SMS for retail promotions in this way enables you to record activity such as spikes in engagement and coupon redemption rates so that you can fine-tune future marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing for Retailers from EZ Texting

EZ Texting takes SMS marketing for retailers to a new level. Using our industry-leading platform, retailers can expand their promotional reach with features such as MMS messaging, audio and video messaging, and personalized SMS messages bearing the recipient´s name. You can also incorporate coupon codes, tiny URLs and QR codes into the text message to increase customer engagement.

With SMS for retailers from EZ Texting, you can compose several text messages and schedule them to be sent at a later date - either as part of a recurring, drip-fed campaign, or if you want to send different promotions to different customers on different days. All the messages you compose can be saved as templates and used to save time when you run future marketing campaigns.

We can provide you with simple sign-up tools for your websites and social media channels to increase the number of customers opting in to your SMS marketing; and, as your database grows, you may want to take advantage of our APIs to integrate your EZ Texting database with other web applications such as Zendesk, Constant Contact and SalesForce.

Using SMS for Retail Promotions: Free Trial

If you have never experienced the ease of using SMS for retail promotions, EZ Texting is offering businesses the opportunity to try SMS marketing for retailers for free. Simply sign up online, or call our team of Client Success Managers, tell them you would like to take advantage of the free trial, and have them help you set up your account and talk you through using the EZ Texting platform.

If SMS Marketing for retailers really takes off for you, we offer a choice of competitive and flexible pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. Make sure you don´t miss out on the opportunity to engage your customers, create brand awareness and develop purchasing intent. Call EZ Texting today.

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