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New to SMS marketing? We've helped tens of thousands of businesses get started with SMS marketing. Want to see what we've learned over the years? Our Resource Center has the information you need to start building text message marketing campaigns like a pro.

How about a basic definition of SMS Marketing? Of course! SMS Marketing is a way to communicate directly with your customers via text messages. Why text messages? Americans send trillions of them every year. 95% of texts are opened within five minutes of receipt. And because SMS marketing is permission-based, your message isn't lost in a flood of SPAM.

Want something portable? Our book, SMS Marketing for Small Businesses, is available for all popular eBook readers.  Best of all, it's FREE! Get the eBook now for your Kindle (Amazon may charge 99 cents), for your Nook, for iBooks (or just open the app on your iPad or iPhone), for your Kobo reader, for your Sony reader, as a PDF -- or head over to SmashWords to grab the eBook as an ePub file among other formats!

Lastly, we’re now offering MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) so that you can send pictures, video and more with your messages. Learn more about it here.

SMS Marketing Tips, Tricks & Articles

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