Connect with Current Customers with SMS Marketing

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Text messages are a great way to connect with and market to your existing customers. Why? They're cheap and easy to send, your customers actually read them, and their unobtrusive.

Easier than a phone call & less obtrusive: Calling your customers to remind them about appointments? You're wasting your time and most likely bothering your customers. Send them a text message instead, which they can read when they want to. You'll save time and money too.

Last minute messaging: When you need to let a lot of people know about something at the last minute nothing beats a text message. Picture this: you manage a restaurant and it looks like's going to be a cold, rainy night. Instead of settling for a slow shift send out a last minute text message enticing customers in with a mobile coupon offering a free cup of soup with any entree.

More likely to be read than an email: You want your customers to listen to what you're saying. So let's admit some facts. Email suffers from a SPAM problem. If your marketing message gets through, who knows if it will be read. That, and despite the fact that more and more Americans own smartphones, most people do not check their email on the go. If you want to reach your customers, wherever they are, whenever you need to, text messaging is the only way get the job done.

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