Finding Inspiration For Your SMS Marketing Messages

SMS Marketing Resources

One advantage of SMS marketing is that you can make a meaningful impression on your broadcast list every single day. 

One disadvantage of mobile marketing is that you have to come up with a meaningful impression every single day. 

This can be a challenge for professional copywriters – people whose job it is to come up with effective ad copy. As a small business owner, you have many other things on your plate. Your passion for your business – and your need to pay the bills – will help you come up with some compelling copy. But sometimes you need more inspiration. When that happens, you can look to these resources for help. 

The Calendar 
You'd be amazed at the sheer number of commemorative days, weeks and months that exist. You can even add local community celebrations and anniversaries for your business to the list – all of which can serve as springboards for your daily marketing message. 

The News 
Paging through your local newspaper can yield dozens of ideas, events, and facts that can turn into a relevant marketing message. A new business in town could turn into a coupon for people who show you a receipt from a visit. A local hero could inspire a new menu item. Whatever you imagine, spread it via your mobile campaign. 

Your Customers 
Listen to your customers when they tell you what they like most about your shop, your people, your product and you. Use your mobile marketing to bring those to the front of their minds at every opportunity. Messages with an inherent call to action help you listen to customers even when they're not in the store. 

Your Employees 
When in doubt, ask an employee. They're "in the trenches," talking with customers in a way you might not be. Some of them have also been thinking about your mobile message, and have been waiting for you to ask their opinion. Their suggestions can help you get started and keep you going. 

Your Competition 
If your competition dropped a marketing message you wish you'd thought of, there's no reason not to use it anyway. Improving on it, tweaking it, making it your own, is a fair and effective marketing technique. Also, don't limit yourself to your direct competition – "borrow" from any message that catches your eye. 

Your History 
Keep track of the kind of response you get from your mobile messages. The best performing pieces should be in your mind as you design every broadcast – but you can also repeat particularly popular pieces.