Little-Known Factors for SMS marketing success

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There's a simple difference between pros and amateurs. What the amateur considers a brilliant, innovative idea, the pro uses as standard operating procedure. When it comes to SMS, amateurs use the same tired -- and well-known -- methods and metrics to generate a modicum of success. 

For your business, stand out by applying some professional tricks -- the kind your competition hasn't thought of yet. 

1. Less Is More 
Don't use the "shotgun approach" with your SMS broadcasts. People dislike getting unwanted commercial messages on their phones. Instead, send only a message or two a week -- and fill them with value. Your subscribers won't forget you if you take a while between broadcasts. They'll miss you. 

2. Be Up Front About Collecting Information 
Ask for subscriber information clearly, and tell them exactly what you plan to do with it. Let them know it's so you can send them the best types of messages for their wants and needs -- and that you'll never sell that info to others.

3. Define Success Before You Send 
Never send out your broadcast, then look at the numbers and try to figure out what they mean. Before any message goes out, look at the results from similar messages and make an informed estimate of what kind of response it should evoke. This allows meaningful analysis of that specific message, which makes you that much more able to dial in subsequent broadcasts for maximum success. 

4. Subdivide Your Subscription List 
Yes, it's great to have a subscription list in the thousands -- and to send meaningful content to every person on that list every time. But ask yourself: would you rather get a 1 percent return on a list of 10,000 or a 25 percent return on a list of 1,000? Subdividing your lists -- using the information you were upfront and honest about collecting -- means you can target the best possible customers for each offer you make. 

5. Include Clear Opt-Out Instructions 
Nothing makes a message -- email or text -- feel like spam faster than leaving no clear instructions for opting out. Black hat marketers will disagree here, but people you reach who want out are unlikely to buy anyway. Give your subscribers a clear option to leave any time they want. It makes those who stay more responsive to your message.