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Streamline your customer support with Text-to-Landline and 1-on-1 Chat.

As the number of communication channels available to consumers increases, customer support becomes correspondingly complicated. However, compared to other communication channels, text message marketing can reduce customer service costs, build customer loyalty, and is an essential ingredient of any omnichannel customer service strategy.

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SMS offers amazing engagement for scheduling and confirmations.

Scheduling & Confirmations

90% of people respond to new text messages within 30 minutes and 70% of people check new text messages within 5 minutes of receiving them. These are just two findings that show how effective SMS can be for streamlining scheduling activities. And building an automated appointment reminder program makes it easy for your customers to confirm their appointment, cancel, or reschedule.

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service with SMS

Faster Customer Response Times

What business owner doesn’t want to streamline their customer support? 80% of customers would rather communicate with businesses via text message and many consumers prefer chat or text to voice customer service. By adding text messaging to your customer support workflow you’ll see faster and more complete interactions, which means more happy customers.

Improve Customer Service with Text Messaging

Increase customer response times with SMS.

Appointment request SMS message on mobile phone.

On-The-Go Conversations via iOS App

Digital nomads: the EZ Texting mobile app was built with you in mind! Never miss a lead with push notifications for new messages, reference your full message history, and receive and reply to messages on the go with our iOS app. Your customers will thank you for it!

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I’m a marketing wonk and this app lets me do all my texting outreach and management on the go. I used to use SlickText but switched over to EZ Texting because it’s just a better product.

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