Send Texts SMS to Email List Subscribers

How to Start Texting Your Email Subscribers — in Just Two Steps

In an accelerated news cycle like today’s, many businesses and organizations are finding that their efforts to communicate with their communities are lost in overloaded email inboxes. Even on a good day, email open rates hover around 20% overall and closer to 15% for marketing comms. With an engagement rate
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Top 4 Ideas for a Quick and Easy Gym Marketing Strategy

You know the story: Every year, thousands of people create fitness resolutions and then fail to follow through. As a gym or fitness center owner, it’s your job to sell new memberships and retain those members. But are you really leveraging all of the tools and tactics that can help
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Mobile SMS Marketing Strategies

5 Mobile SMS Marketing Strategies to Maximize Engagement

Do you suffer from nomophobia? A lot of us do. Nomophobia is the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone or not being able to use it because of the (admittedly terrifying!) prospect of not getting a signal or the battery running down. One of the more startling mobile
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Guide to Retail SMS Marketing Promotions for Valentine’s Day

Guide to Retail Text Marketing Promotions for Valentine’s Day

Text marketing is one the best ways to capture your audience’s attention at any time of the year, and Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest opportunities to make that connection count. This year the National Retail Federation estimated that American consumers will spend a record $27.4 billion, up 32%
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