Text Marketing for Stores

Text marketing for stores is an effective way for retailers to take advantage of the increasingly preferred channel of SMS to broaden promotional reach, develop brand awareness and stimulate customer engagement. However, as a marketing tool, using mass texting for stores has not (yet) captured the imagination of those who could benefit from it most - small to medium sized retailers.

This is despite research indicating that 75% of cellphone users would prefer receiving a marketing message via SMS rather than having traditional advertising (TV, radio, magazines, Internet, etc.)  disrupting their everyday activities, and further research showing that only 29% of Tweets and 12% of Facebook posts are ever read. More stats that support the viability of text marketing for stores include:

  • 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, compared to 22% of emails.
  • Brands using mass texting for stores report that they reach 95% of their target audience.
  • 90% of customers opting into an SMS loyalty program believe those programs represent value.
  • The Coca-Cola Company spends 70% of its mobile budget on SMS advertising.

Using mass texting for stores is not just effective - it is cost-effective. You don´t need to employ designers or copywriters to compose a text message. You don´t need to buy advertising space or meet deadlines. You can send your marketing message to each customer for just pennies and enjoy a response rate up to eight times higher than if you had sent the same message by email.

How Text Marketing for Stores Works

Using mass texting for stores could not be any easier. All you have to do is create a text marketing account with a service provider. The service provider gives you a login to an online platform, on which you write your message, upload the list of customers you want to send it to, and click send. Within minutes your customers will receive your message wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

Because it is in your best interest to only send specific promotions to customers who will be interested in them, it is possible to assign tags to individuals within your customer database. This enables you to target relevant customers and not waste your money sending text messages to customers who will just delete them. In this way, less can also be more in the world of text marketing for stores.

Once your mass text has been sent, you can monitor the success of your marketing campaign through the same online platform used to compose and send the messages. The platform produces reports showing such details as response and coupon redemption rates to help you broaden your promotional reach, increase brand awareness and stimulate more customer engagement in future text marketing for stores campaigns.

Using Mass Texting for Stores from EZ Texting

EZ Texting adds a new dimension to text marketing for stores. With EZ Texting, you can use features such as MMS (multimedia) messaging to send image, audio and video messages. You can personalize SMS messages so that each customer is addressed by name. You can also incorporate tiny URLs and QR codes into the SMS message to stimulate even more customer engagement.

Using mass texting for stores from EZ Texting, you can forward plan your next marketing campaign and schedule the mass text in advance. You can save your messages as templates to use in the future or for a recurring marketing campaign. You can even have the responses to your marketing campaign sent to your cellphone, so you can view them there instead of logging into the platform.

Here at EZ Texting, we want your marketing campaigns to be as successful as you do. We provide you with simple sign-up tools for your website and social media channels so that your visitors and followers have the opportunity to opt in to receive text messages. We also provide you with access to APIs so you can integrate EZ Texting into web applications you may already use such as Zendesk, MailChimp and EventBrite.

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Try Text Marketing for Stores for Free

If you have ever considered using mass texting for stores, but never taken advantage of the opportunity, now is the best time to give it a go - before text marketing for stores captures the imagination of those who could benefit from it most. Your customers say that they want to hear from you by SMS and, if the Coca-Cola Company is using mass texting for stores, shouldn't you be too?

Naturally, not every store has the resources of the Coca-Cola Company, so we are offering all retailers the opportunity to try text marketing for stores for free. Simply sign up online or call our support line and speak with one of our Client Success Managers. Explain that you want to take advantage of the free trial and they’ll help you set up your online access to the texting platform.

Our Client Success Managers can also help you get started with your first marketing campaign by suggesting strategies that have worked in the past for other businesses in your sector. Thereafter, if our text marketing for stores offer helps your business broaden its promotional reach, increase brand awareness and stimulate more customer engagement, you can upgrade to a higher level of text marketing for stores at any time you wish.

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