EZ Texting's Text Messaging Compliance

We know your goal is to create amazing marketing campaigns, not worry about navigating a complex landscape of rules and regulations. To help you do that, EZ Texting stays up to date on industry best practices, CTIA recommendations, and government rules and regulations. We then strive to make compliance as simple and as automated as possible for our customers.

Our Platform Offers Built-In Compliance Features

  • Simplified Opt-Outs: Our software includes built-in logic that automatically removes a contact from all future communications when they text STOP to your registered phone number or shortcode. This keeps you compliant without requiring you to remove the contact manually.
  • Automated Disclosure: When a subscriber opts into your campaign using a keyword, we immediately provide them with the legally required disclosures on message content and frequency. There is no additional work on your part. 
  • Identity Verification: We help you verify your identity and build user trust by automatically including your company name in text messages.
  • Extra Protection When You Need It: Double opt-ins are required in certain situations, such as when sending age-gated content. We make it available to all of our clients as an additional safeguard to prevent sending inappropriate or unwanted messages.

We Limit Compliance Risk Through Early Detection

  • Intelligent Monitoring: Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, messages are automatically reviewed for spam, phishing, and other inappropriate content. We aim to find problems early so that we can work with our customers to make the necessary edits before they are received by subscribers.
  • Human Oversight: We have manual review processes in place to help prevent content violations. While our customers are ultimately legally responsible for message content, we take steps to help prevent errors and educate our customers on legal constraints.

We are Industry Leaders

We are Happy to Loan Out Our Experts

  • Dedicated Team: We take customer compliance so seriously that we have an entire in-house team dedicated to messaging security and compliance.
  • Compliance Consulting: We provide access to in-house compliance specialists who can offer an overview of compliance best practices as well as answer any questions you may have.