Text Enable Your Business Phone Number

Customers are already texting your business, it’s time to join the conversation!

150 million messages are sent daily to non-mobile numbers.

Text-to-Landline lets you send and receive text messages online using your existing business phone number. There are no changes to your voice service, but there is a significant benefit to your customers who can now reach you at their convenience - not just during business hours or when someone is available to take their call. And, of course, the faster and more easier it is to connect, the more likely it is that your customers and prospects will reach out and start a conversation.


Benefits of Landline Texting

Happier Customers

Build loyalty by giving your customers what they want: 89% of consumers prefer text messaging over calling.

More New Business

With 150M messages already sent daily to non-mobile numbers, you know potential future customers are already trying to reach you and just awaiting your response.

Stronger Lead Engagement

Recover dead leads and close live ones faster by making it easy for customers to take the next step.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Keep track of customer information, manage workflows and save employee time.

Landline Texting Features

Gain a Competitive Edge

By adding a “text” button to your profile on Instagram or Google My Business, you immediately stand out with prospective prospects by being easier to reach than the competition.

Stay Organized with a Single Inbox

Make it easy for teams to collaborate and stay organized with a single inbox that keeps all customer communications in one place.

Work Smarter with Templates and Scheduling

Create message templates to save time and use advance scheduling to create reminders and campaigns at your convenience.

Access Messages Anywhere

Send and receive messages on any device. Mobile devices are great for sending messages on-the-go while the desktop is a lifesaver for managing more complex campaigns.


Your Customers Prefer to Communicate via Text

  • 89% of customers prefer messaging to communicate with businesses.
  • Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate.
  • 77% of consumers have a more positive impression of companies that text.
  • 81% of consumers get frustrated having to call customer service.
  • Over 150 million text messages are sent daily to non-mobile numbers.

Streamline Your Communications

With both listening to and leaving voicemails on the decline, businesses need to offer alternative communication options- otherwise, they risk losing high-potential prospects to an endless game of phone tag. Text enable your landline today and make phone tag a thing of the past!

Get Started with Text-to-Landline Now

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