Send and Receive Texts on Your Existing Phone Number

With EZ Texting’s Text-to-Landline, you can receive and reply to text messages on your existing business phone number, even if it’s a landline. In fact, chances are that customers and prospects are already texting your number…and you’re missing those messages.

Text-to-Landline is perfect for customer service and other types of one-to-one conversations. Restaurants can use Text-to-Landline to take orders by text; doctors' offices can use it for scheduling appointments. In addition to reducing phone calls and customers on hold, Text-to-Landline increases customer satisfaction; in fact, 80% of customers prefer to communicate with businesses by text.

How it Works

  1. Your customers text your ten-digit landline number.
  2. You access the text in your EZ Texting account. You can also have incoming messages forwarded to you by email or text -- no need to be logged in.
  3. You reply to the text from within your EZ Texting account.

One Number for All

With Text-to-Landline, your customers can call or text the same number. Or rent additional virtual numbers in your customers' area codes. Studies have shown that local numbers are more likely to receive responses. Text-to-Landline works for toll-free numbers too. Only one number to advertise. And no special equipment or configuration required.

Texting customers from your personal number? Use Text-to-Landline to keep your professional and personal communications separate!

Getting Started

Interested in Text-to-Landline or virtual numbers? Call us at 800.753.5732 to learn more and get started.