Texting for Churches

In an era when most of your members connect with each other via their cellphones, texting for churches is a powerful channel through which you can stay in touch with your community and get your message heard.

Text messaging is more intimate than email and more immediate than social media. It allows a church to communicate with its members in a manner that resonates with them to foster community engagement and facilitate vital relationships.

Texting for churches is effective because you do not need to be “digitally aware” in order to send or receive a text message. Consequently it is an ideal tool to encourage giving, promote volunteer opportunities and increase event attendance.

The Benefits of Text Messaging as a Communication Channel

In addition to intimacy and immediacy, text messaging has significant benefits as a communications channel. Text messaging is rapidly becoming people’s communication channel of choice and research has shown that 91% of Americans have their cellphones within reach twenty-four hours a day.

Open rates for text messages are much higher than for any other form of electronic communication. Because of this, brands that use text messaging to communicate with their customers reach 95% of their target audience. The Coca-Cola Company spends 70% of its mobile marketing budget on text messaging.

Text messaging also gets a much higher response rate than other forms of communication. Surveys conducted in the retail industry have shown that 50% of people respond to marketing text messages - a much higher percentage than email, social media or printed media.

How Texting for Churches Works

Texting for churches is easy to set up and operate. You start by compiling a list of members who want to receive your text messages. This can be done during or at the end of a church service by asking your members to send a simple keyword from their cellphone to a dedicated number (for example, they could text “Join” to 313131). You can also add invitations to join the messaging group on your website, in your newsletter, or on any social media channels you use.

Once you have a list of contacts, you subscribe to a text messaging service. As you will see below, the subscription does not necessarily cost you anything. The text messaging service gives you access to a web-based platform that can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. You compose your message online, upload your list of recipients, and click send. Within minutes, your congregation will be receiving your text message on their cellphones.

MMS for Churches - Multimedia Messaging Services

Multimedia messaging services (MMS) is a type of technology that enables churches to send images, videos and audio messages as well as plain text messages. It can be a great tool through which to share inspirational Bible passages, promote a community event or generate support for a charitable organization. You can also add a poll to your messages in order to stimulate member responses.

Using a text messaging platform, sending MMS for churches is just a simple as texting for churches as no technical or design skills are required. At just pennies per message, MMS for churches is a cost-effective method to reach your congregation - particularly your youth members, who can be difficult to attract and retain, but who will become your adult congregation in the future.

Reach Your Congregation with EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a text messaging platform that has been designed for ease-of-use and maximum reach. The platform has a number of features that enable you to personalize your message by the recipient´s name, divide your list of members by specific group (volunteers, parents, students, administrative staff, etc.) and send scheduled messages so that they are delivered immediately before an event.

With texting for churches from EZ Texting, you can save your messages for future use, have member responses forwarded to your cellphone, and access reports that show member engagement. EZ Texting supports texting for churches and MMS for churches, and has an experienced and friendly customer success management team on hand to help you obtain maximum benefit from the platform.  

Free and EZ Texting for Churches

As mentioned above, you will need a subscription service to text your members, but the subscription does not necessarily have to cost you anything. At EZ Texting, we have a “Free and EZ” texting plan that gives churches and other faith-based organizations the opportunity to reach out to their congregations for free.

To find out more about EZ Texting for churches, simply contact us and request details of our “Free and EZ” texting plan. One of our friendly team members will answer any questions you have about texting for churches and explain how to set up your account. Once online, you will be able to get information to your members, create effective calls-to-action and gather feedback through the powerful channel of text messaging - a channel that your members are already using to communicate every day.

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