The Best Text Messaging App for Retailers

Texting software for retailers is not a new phenomenon, but it is one that is gaining plenty of attention within the industry. This is partly due to the volume of statistics emerging that suggest text messaging is becoming the favored channel for marketing communications by as many as 75% of consumers. Several other studies support the concept that text messaging is a cost-effective way to attract consumers´ attention in a congested direct marketing environment:

  • Morgan Stanley reported that 91% of Americans have a mobile device within reach at all times.
  • ImpigeMobileStrategy found that 90% of text messages are read within three minutes.
  • Brands using SMS marketing report a 95% reach of their target audience (GoMoNews).
  • 90% of customers opting into an SMS loyalty program believe that those programs represent value (DuoCall).
  • 50% of respondents to a MarketingCharts survey said they had responded to a marketing SMS.
  • 16% of respondents from that same survey said they had used a coupon sent with the SMS.
  • According to GoMobileBook, coupons sent by SMS have a redemption rate ten times higher than print coupons.

Compared to other forms of mobile marketing, SMS marketing stacks up pretty well. Only 22% of emails are opened within three minutes and - according to a Nielsen Study - 88% of Facebook posts and 71% of Tweets are never read at all. Furthermore, because text messages reach older-model cellphones as well as smartphones, SMS marketing has a far greater promotional reach than any other form of direct marketing.

How Texting Software for Retailers Works

Texting software for retailers is very simple to understand. A retailer creates an account with a service provider, and is given a username and password to a web-based platform. When ready to send out a bulk SMS promotion, the retailer logs into the platform, composes the text message, uploads the group(s) of customers to receive the message, and clicks send.

By sorting customers into groups, the retailer sends relevant marketing messages only to customers who fit certain profiles. For example, if the retailer has a new store opening up in the north part of a city, they will save money by only announcing the store opening to customers who live in the area, rather than to their entire database.

Once the text has been sent, the retailer can monitor the success of the campaign via the texting platform for retail. The platform produces reports indicating metrics such as the number of click-throughs the campaign has received, opens, and spikes in engagement. With this information, the retailer can fine-tune the next marketing campaign as necessary.

EZ Texting's Texting Platform for Retail

EZ Texting´s texting platform for retail is a powerful text and multimedia messaging web-based platform that gives businesses a marketing advantage. The versatile texting software for retailers contains a series of features that enable the forward-planning and scheduling of marketing campaigns, the personalization of SMS messages and the option of incorporating coupon codes, QR codes or tiny URLs.

The texting platform for retail has a series of tools to assist with the management of customer groups. Customers can be assigned tags to represent their source, geographical location or special interests. APIs are available to integrate the texting platform for retail with web apps such as AWeber, IContact and Salesforce.

Other texting software for retailers provided by EZ Texting includes a poll builder that stimulates customer engagement, an easy-to-remember short code keyword service, and sign-up tools for websites and social media channels in order for customers to opt in to receive marketing messages by text. In fact, if there is something that we don´t provide that would help businesses with their marketing strategies, we would love to hear about it!

Get a Free Trial of Our Texting Software for Retailers

If the volume of statistics relating to SMS marketing has piqued your interest, but you still need convincing about the merits of texting software for retailers, we invite you to try our texting platform for retail for free. Signing up for a Free Trial of one of our texting plans gives you the opportunity to attract your customers´ attention in the congested direct marketing environment without paying a cent.

To take advantage of this offer, simply create an account online or contact our team of Client Success Managers. Our team will answer any questions you may have about texting software for retailers and guide you through the process of setting up your account, logging into the texting platform for retail and composing your first text. Your Free Trial account comes preloaded with credits for you to use right away.

There is no catch attached to our offer. We won´t ask you for your credit card or make you sign a contract. Simply call us today and you can be communicating with your customers via their favored channel for marketing communications in minutes.

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