The Guide to Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

The Guide to Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

The most successful bars and nightclubs have been using text message marketing for years. In fact, if you haven’t already invested in the power of text messaging for your own bar or nightclub, your competitors are already a step ahead. Fortunately, text message marketing is one of the most simple and easy-to-use marketing tools available, and with the support of a powerful text marketing service provider, getting started usually takes less than five minutes — it’s that easy!

The Guide to Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs


Text message marketing is one of the most effective tools available. In fact, text messaging produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than email. Additionally, most text messages are opened within the first five minutes of receipt. From last-minute drink promotions to special entertainment announcements, text message marketing puts these and other important messages right in front of your customers.

Whether you’re getting ready to launch your very first text marketing campaign or you need a quick introduction to the latest text marketing strategies and best practices, we’ll give you all the expert insight needed to deploy and manage an effective text marketing strategy for your bar or nightclub. Use these expert insights to maximize your text marketing effectiveness, attract more customers, and increase profits.
The Guide to Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

As an industry-leading text message marketing service provider, we’ve seen hundreds of bar and nightclub owners use text messaging to their advantage. Additionally, we know that bar and nightclub marketing comes with its own unique challenges including limited marketing budgets, difficulty finding the right marketing channel, lack of time and resources, and more. Over the years, we’ve helped countless bars and nightclubs to create hyper-personalized, value-driven, and affordable text marketing communications.

In this ultimate guide to text message marketing for bars and nightclubs, we’ll show you what text message marketing is, how it works, and why more and more leading bars and nightclubs are choosing text messaging more than any other marketing channel.

If you're planning to promote the sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any other 18+ content, special age gating rules apply. Speak with an EZ Texting customer expert to get set up today: (800) 753-5732

The Guide to Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

What is Text Messaging Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs?

Before launching your first text marketing campaign, there are a few best practices and mission-critical components that you need to know about:

1. Short Message Service (SMS) vs. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS):

There are two primary methods for sending text marketing communications including SMS and MMS. SMS supports alphanumeric messages of 160 characters or less. Meanwhile, MMS allows users to send alphanumeric messages that exceed 160 characters, as well as multimedia content including audio, video, and imagery.

2. Keywords:

A keyword is a unique term comprised of letters and/or numbers that customers can use to communicate with your business via a short code. By law, in order to receive ongoing text marketing communications, customers are required to opt-in via Keyword and short code. The best way to understand how a keyword works is to consider the following examples:

  • Text PROMO to 313131 to get 50% off your next order.
  • Text KARAOKE to 313131 to register for our upcoming karaoke night.
  • Text EMAIL to 313131 to receive our weekly email newsletter.

3. Short Codes:

A short code is a five or six digit number that customers text the keyword to. There are three different options for short code numbers including shared short codes, dedicated short codes, and vanity short codes. The right solution for your business is dependent on the variety and volume of text message campaigns you wish to run, the content and audience of your message, and the importance of business branding.

4. Text Message Marketing Service Provider:

The best text message marketing service providers make it simple and easy to send thousands of SMS and MMS messages at the click of a button. Additionally, some service providers offer advanced features and functions including reminder campaigns, one-to-one communication, and more. Moreover, industry-leading text marketing service providers come equipped with experienced customer support teams. From campaign outset to management, these customer support teams will guide you through every stage of your texting journey.

The 9-Step Roadmap to Mastering Text Message

The Guide to Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

Getting Started with Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

Getting Started With Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

After you’ve gathered the necessary text marketing components, follow these simple steps to launch your first text marketing campaign.

1. Advertise Keyword and Short Code: Start by advertising your keyword and short code. Consider adding your keyword and short code to your email signature, social media channels, and offline sources including pamphlets, newsletters, and more. The most successful bars and nightclubs will even add the keyword and short code to branded pint glasses and drink coasters.

2. Organize Text Marketing Contacts: After contacts have opted in, it’s a good idea to organize those contacts by the source. An experienced text marketing service provider makes it simple and easy to segment contacts by source. This kind of segmentation ensures that customers receive relevant text marketing offers.

3. Deploy Text Marketing Communications: A well-organized texting database means that you’re ready to deploy text marketing communications. If you’re just starting out, try running one text promotion at a time. For example, start by sending out a weekly drink special text message. These kinds of recurring texts work well to capture repeat customers.

4. Analyze Results and Iterate: Finally, analyze text marketing results and iterate. A powerful reporting dashboard will give you all the insight needed to maximize your text marketing effectiveness, deploy promotions and offers that align with your text marketing contacts, and get customers through the door.

Sample Text Message Marketing Campaigns to Run Right Now

There are hundreds of use cases for text message marketing. Check out these sample text message campaigns that your bar or nightclub can run right now:

1. Specials Offers: A special offer is a great way to get customers excited about a night out on the town. Example: Text SPECIAL to 313131 to take advantage of our special discount.

2. Entertainment Announcements: Promote upcoming musical acts with text entertainment announcements. Example: Text BAND to 313131 for a list of upcoming musical acts and performances.

3. Theme Nights: Hosting a special costume party? Consider sending theme night texts. Example: Text PARTY to 313131 to sign-up for our costume competition.

If you're planning to promote the sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any other 18+ content, special age gating rules apply. Speak with an EZ Texting customer expert to get set up today: (800) 753-5732.

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The Guide to Text Message Marketing for Bars and Nightclubs

EZ Texting Makes Text Message Marketing Easy

As you can see, the benefits of text message marketing extend to both bar and nightclub owners, as well as text recipients. And with a high-powered and results-driven text marketing tool, bar and nightclub owners are well-equipped to deliver more personalized and targeted marketing communications to customers. The best part is that text messaging is a proven method for getting customers through the door — fast!

As an industry-leading text marketing service provider, EZ Texting has worked with more than 50,000 businesses, enterprises, and organizations worldwide. EZ Texting customers have sent more than four billion messages — and counting!

“We read great reviews about EZ Texting’s service. We use it for sending out weekly messages letting customers know which local band is playing at our venue. Text messaging gives people an alternative to find out what bands, special, etc. that we have going on as opposed to having to get on our website” - Take 5 Tavern

Start your text marketing journey. For more information, call (800) 753-5732. EZ Texting offers a variety of affordably priced plans built for any-sized bar or nightclub.

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