Short Code Texting

[ The Basics ]

Short Code Texting:  What Are Short Codes and Keywords?

The Basics Behind Short Code Texting

Common Short Codes (CSCs), also called Short Codes, are short cellular phone numbers--often five or six digits in the US and Canada--that consumers can send SMS Text Messages to.

Common uses of Short Codes include alert services, contests, coupons, and opt-in marketing lists. Short Codes make it easy for consumers to respond to and engage with your advertising and marketing programs.

In addition to speed and ease of use, Common Short Codes provide consumers with an unparalleled level of control, as all CSC-based mobile marketing programs must be Opt-In.

Short Codes come in two flavors -- shared and dedicated.

Dedicated short codes can be quite expensive. A shared short code is useful for small businesses and individuals. EzTexting has many pricing options that are catered to fit your needs.

When using a shared short code, multiple customers share the same short code, with their messages identified by their unique keyword:

A keyword is a unique term (letters and or numbers), that your customers and friends can text to our shared short code. When they text your unique keyword to our shared short code, our software adds their phone number to your subscriber list.

A keyword on our shared shortcode enables three powerful features within your Ez Texting account:

  • Mobile Opt-In - New subscribers can join your list from their mobile phones, by texting your keyword to our shared short code
  • 2-Way Messaging - When you send out messages using our shared short code, your subscribers can send replies, which will be delivered to your Ez Texting inbox

Ez Texting's shared short codes are available to all of our registered members. If you have not already joined Ez Texting, register now.