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Real Estate Text Marketing 

Real estate text marketing is a communications strategy that is quick, reliable, and critical towards maintaining relationships with vendors, buyers, brokers, landlords, and tenants.  

As a realtor, you’re aware that everything is time-sensitive. You can’t afford to wait for a buyer to check their emails, and risk losing out on a hot new listing. Equally as important, you can’t afford to spend excessive amounts of your valuable time placing calls to those uninterested. Texting is fast, immediate, has a high response rate and is the most requested form of communication to date.

In fact, various sources have confirmed that SMS produces the following percentages: 

  • 98% open rate (five times higher than email) 
  • 45% response rate (seven times higher than email) 
  • One-third of Americans  prefer texting to calling 
  • 78% of consumers wish they could text with businesses 

Let’s dive in to learn how you can send listing information to interested leads in a matter of seconds with our easy to use platform.



How Text Marketing Works for Real Estate  

Real estate text message marketing comes in two forms: short message service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS).  

  • SMS: Text-only message – Allows you to send out the dates, times, and locations of showings, or as monthly reminders for rent and utilities.  
  • MMS: Includes text-based content, with the option to include pictures or videos. (Beneficial for sending buyers photos of properties) 

EZ Texting’s notifications platform features a number of tools that can help companies in the real estate industry find success through both SMS and MMS. Check out some of our most-used solutions: 

EZ Chat - Engage in personalized, one-on-one text conversations with clients or renters 

Reminder Campaigns - Save time and energy by pre-scheduling timely reminders, such as application deadlines or when payments are due 

Keywords - Attract new clients with special words and calls-to-action 

Getting Started with Keywords

To get started utilizing text marketing for real estate, you’re first step is to build a keyword list. Keywords are short, customizable words that entice people to text your company, thereby granting you permission to text them in future.  

The word you choose should be unique to your business, consist of 2 to 15 letters/numbers, and easy to remember. For example, a simple real estate keyword for an agent trying to fill residencies in a new condo complex might reserve “HOME”. From here, the agent would advertise this keyword anywhere their desired customers are (social media, websites, signage, radio, TV, etc.) and provide an incentive to text (i.e. Text “HOME” to 313131 to get today’s best deal). Interested leads would then text the word to a designed short code, and instantly receive additional information relating to the current special.  

TIP: Reserve multiple keywords to help identify your most effective source of advertising. For example, HOME10 goes on your Facebook page, HOME11 is on your website, etc.


Templates for Real Estate Marketing

Instead of wasting time to create a new text from scratch every time you need to communicate a message, EZ Texting offers the ability to create auto-replies and templates for real estate marketing, automating a majority of the work for you.  

  • Templates: Used for everything from wishing your contacts a happy birthday, a wonderful holiday or images of properties that are up for sale/rent. They are approached as not only a customer service tool, but as a way to increase engagement and loyalty. 
  • Auto-replies: Used to disseminate information to buyers and prospective customers once they opt-in. For example, once a user a texted your short code, an auto-reply can be put in place to thank them for signing up, as well as providing a list of properties to view or a link on where to access them. This eliminates the manual work of responding to every inquiry – saving you time and money, and ultimately, turning your customer service strategy into a potential sales channel.

Example Text Marketing Campaigns for Realtors


  • In todays generation, your don't want to limit potential buyers to just calling or emailing. "Text HOME to 313131 to get links and photos of the best new properties!"


  • Simplify the appointment setting process by providing a link to your scheduling tool, or by flat-out asking what day and time thy want to see a property.


  • Not everyone will be as willing to provide their cell numbers. To reduce the risk of losing these leads, provide them the option to text their email address.

Text Message Laws for Real Estate Marketing

You can only text contacts if they’ve given you consent to do so, otherwise it’s considered spam, and you could find yourself in legal trouble. To avoid this, include the following information in your texts: 

  1. Clean opt-out instructions (such as ‘reply 3 to opt out’) 
  2. A reasonable expectation of your texting volume (such as ‘you’ll receive around 2 texts per week) 
  3. Language stating you won’t send them irrelevant information (such as content not related to real estate) There are additional laws you need to follow, but these are the most initial, common sense ones. 

To ensure you stay compliant and have happy clients, contact EZ Texting’s Client Success Managers at 800-753-5732 to learn more. 

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To find out more, reach out to our team today and learn how real estate text marketing can drive your bottom line, increase sales and even generate new customers!  

EZ Texting Case Studies 

Check out these real estate text marketing success stories: 

UAS Properties: 
UAS Properties is a company that manages over 800 rental properties, and they receive around 150 calls each day. See how they saved $140,000 per year by utilizing EZ Texting. 

SL Green Realty Corp: 
SL Green Realty Corp. is a REIT, which predominantly acquires, owns, repositions, and manages Manhattan office properties. They wanted a tool to help brokers know is the key information: office location, square footage, and cost. See how their experience with EZ Texting helped them communicate message more efficiently and cut down on their marketing costs.

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