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EZ Texting Solutions Pages Rewrites – Real Estate Real estate text message marketing is a communications strategy that is quick, reliable, and critical towards maintaining relationships with vendors, buyers, brokers, landlords, and tenants. Texting has a 98% open rate (five times higher than email) and a 45% response rate (seven times higher than email), meaning it has the power to disrupt and transform the real estate market.

Text messages come in two forms: SMS (short message service) – This is a text-only message, and you’ve probably sent thousands to your family and friends. A best practice of SMS campaigns for real estate is to text out the dates, times, and locations of showings, or as monthly reminders for rent and utilities. MMS (multimedia messaging service) – This is a message with a picture or sound file attached. A common use case for MMS is to send pictures of properties to buyers. Emails are often routed to spam folders before clients ever see them, or are not seen in time for buyers to make counter-offers. However, most people have their phones in their pocket, hand, or at their desk, so your real estate text is read within seconds of being sent.

Why Text Message Marketing in Real Estate is So Effective

Text messages are more quick and immediate than emails. They’re also the preferred mode of communication for your next generation of home buyers and renters:

In real estate, everything is time-sensitive. If you wait for a buyer to check their emails, they may lose out on a hot new listing. If you spend excessive amounts of time calling renters, they may lose interest. Loan officers and buyers might not complete financial goals in time. Texting is faster than email, has higher response rates, and it’s the most requested communications platform. Simply put, it’s the most effective tool out there. A simple text message, or even just a picture, hit your target demographics instantly and cost-effectively. With home sales, the renters market and financial services all working against the clock, too much is at stake in the real estate sector for companies to not fully leverage text message marketing.

How SMS Campaigns in Real Estate Facilitate Stronger Communications

EZ Texting’s notifications platform features a number of tools that can help companies in the real estate industry find success. Check out some of our most-used solutions:

EZ Chat - Engage in personalized, one-on-one text conversations with clients or renters

Reminder Campaigns - Save time and energy by pre-scheduling timely reminders, such as application deadlines or when payments are due

Keywords - Attract new clients with special words and calls-to-action

How Keywords Can Grow Your List of Contacts

A keyword is a short, customizable word that entices people to text your company, thereby giving you permission to text them in the future. They can be between 2 and 12 letters and numbers. As a best practice, tie your keyword to a specific business challenge or goal. Imagine you’re struggling to sell units in a new condo complex. An example of a real estate keyword might be NEWCONDODEAL. Like any other form of advertising, you’ll want to place this keyword anywhere your desired customers are. Social media is a great avenue, as are real estate-specific sites, signage, and of course, radio/tv/billboards are also viable options.

But you can’t just have NEWCONDOS10 on a sign; you need to give potential clients a call-to-action. Consider promoting your keyword with something like “Text NEWCONDODEAL to 313131 to get the listings for the Park Avenue units before they go public!”

You’ll notice that this message doesn’t utilize a standard landline, but rather a six digit one called a short code. Short codes are shared, making them a more affordable option for businesses. Keywords ensure that texts end up in your inbox, not your competitors’.

Having multiple keywords also helps you identify your most effective sources of advertising. For example, NEWCONDOS10 goes on your Facebook page, NEWCONDOS11 is your radio ad, etc. EZ Texting’s reporting tools uses adjustable line graphs to measure all customer activity related to each keyword. You may find that NEWCONDOS12, which you put on a billboard downtown, was more effective than any other keyword/ad platform at growing your buyers list.

Practical Uses for SMS Marketing in Real Estate

Text messages have a variety of functions in the real estate world. A simple SMS, which is a text-only message, could be sent to different groups of contacts to based on your goals for that group. If you’re a homeowner looking to get long-term renters, you could use keywords to advertise your property, and with your newfound contacts, text them dates of when your property is available, information about it, and even a link to a renter’s contract. But we’ve all been told that a picture is worth a thousand words, so consider using an MMS. Adding images shows off your property in a way that words can’t. “Enjoy these new countertops” doesn’t have as much impact as a picture of them. As a note, you can include text alongside your images in MMS for extra punch. However you’re marketing your properties, or even your real estate company, real estate text message scripts and notifications are a quick, convenient, and cost-friendly route. Colleagues, landlords, renters, and brokers can be contacted immediately with new listings, vacancies, or even site walk-throughs. Property managers can use EZ Texting to request and even receive payments.

Text Messages Laws and Real Estate Marketing

You can only text contacts if they’re given you consent to do so, otherwise it’s considered spam, and you could find yourself in legal trouble. In order to prevent this, and to stay compliant with other texting laws, you’ll have to include the following information in your texts:

  1. Clean opt-out instructions (such as ‘reply 3 to opt out’)
  2. A reasonable expectation of your texting volume (such as ‘you’ll receive around 2 texts per week)
  3. Language stating you won’t send them irrelevant information (such as content not related to real estate) There are additional laws you need to follow, but these are the most initial, common sense ones.

To ensure you stay compliant and have happy clients, contact EZ Texting’s Client Sucess Managers at 800-753-5732 to learn more.

How to Get Started with Real Estate SMS Marketing...For Free

Email is so entrenched in business as a marketing tool that you may be hesitant to give texting a try. We totally understand, so we want to make it easy for you to try it out. That’s why we offer a free sms real estate plan that gives you 250 credits per month (one text = one credit; sending one text to fifty clients would use 50 credits) and one keyword to help you advertise and gain new prospects. No credit card is needed, there is no pressure or obligation to upgrade your plan, and you can cancel any time with no penalties. To find out more about this plan and others, or to learn how you can get started, call our team of Client Success Managers today (800-753-5732). Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about how texting can be used in real estate.

Real Estate Companies That Love EZ Texting

Check out these real life successful sms campaign examples:

UAS Properties:

UAS Properties is a company that manages over 800 rental properties, and they receive around 150 calls each day. See how they saved $140,000 per year by utilizing EZ Texting. Read the Case Study

SL Green Realty Corp:

SL Green Realty Corp. is a REIT, which predominantly acquires, owns, repositions, and manages Manhattan office properties. They wanted a tool to help brokers know is the key information: office location, square footage, and cost. See how their experience with EZ Texting helped them communicate message more efficiently and cut down on their marketing costs. Read The Case Study

Leveraging the Power of Templates and Auto-Replies in Real Estate SMS Marketing

Creating a new text from scratch every time you need to communicate a message is not only time-consuming, but will likely tire your fingers out. Instead, use templates and auto-replies to do a lot of the work for you.

Templates are MMS that can be used to wish contacts everything from a happy birthday and a wonderful holiday to images of properties that are up for rent or sale. Real estate text message templates can be approached as a customer service tool, but it can also increase engagement and loyalty.

Auto-replies can be used to disseminate information to buyers, prospective customers, and more once they text in. For example, if you advertise the keyword “Text NEWHOMES to 313131 to access all our available properties”, you can set up your auto-reply to include messaging that thanks customers for their text, and add a list of properties or a link to where they can view them. This eliminates having to devote someone to replying to every text, saving time and money, and also turns your customer service strategy into a potential sales channel.

Get Started Fast with Text Messaging Scripts for Real Estate Agents

Real estate marketing is fluid and evolving, but text messaging scripts for real estate agents (and other industry professionals) can help keep things simple for everyone involved. Check out the following texting scripts for real estate you can send:

  • “Text NEWHOUSENOW to 313131 to get links and photos of the best new properties!”
  • “Need a home loan? Text BESTLOANS to 797979 get the money you need at the best rates!”
  • “Brokers: 11am site walkthrough of new house at 1234 Main St. 1 hour only, don’t be late!”

These are just examples of scripts you can send. The most effective messages are short and give recipients a clear call to action.

How to Start Real Estate Text Campaigns

Want to learn more about how texting can drive your bottom line, increase sales, and even generate new customers? Call our Client Success Managers today at (800) 753-5732 to learn more! Ready to go now? Start your account today and see results tomorrow!