Why Are SMS Promotions Gaining Popularity with Retail Stores?

If your current retail advertising plan rests on direct mail and email marketing, your results are likely less than satisfying. While traditional marketing strategies like billboard and newspaper ads are within the comfort zone of many retailers, they're no longer comfortable options for consumers. If you want to stand out, you need to embrace modern advertising strategies like SMS promotions.



Why is it so difficult to stand out in the retail market today?

Traditional marketing strategies are no longer connecting with most consumer demographics because they don't acknowledge changes in the American lifestyle. While your customers once checked their email accounts daily and quickly opened most messages, their attention has been captured by text messaging and social media. It's hard to stand out with modern advertising strategies because there are too many businesses competing for attention through channels that no longer grab the interest of consumers.

Email Marketing vs Text Marketing for Competitive Retail Markets


  1. Email marketing is still an effective strategy for many retailers, but that doesn't mean it's the most effective advertising opportunity out there.
    • As technology advances, retailers are gaining more immediate access to their customers through SMS messaging services.
  2. Many consumers still sign up for email newsletters and discount promotions, but their inboxes are overflowing with advertisements with carefully worded subject lines designed to grab their attention.
    • The result is that fewer emails are opened because consumers are overwhelmed with unwanted messages.
  3. With the surge of online email marketing promotions, it's now common for consumers to set up email accounts just for advertising campaigns.
    • Others categorize their email accounts so that messages from marketers go into a separate folder from personal and professional messages.
    • These strategies keep their primary email inboxes less cluttered, but it means that your emails aren't necessarily going into an account that is checked regularly.
  4. When retail marketing emails land in overcrowded email inboxes, the recipient is less likely to open the messages even if they signed up to receive promotions from the retailer.
    • Most consumers don't have the time to sort through the SMS promotional messages received, so they do mass deletes of all messages to save time.
    • Compare that to an impressive 99 percent of text messages that are opened.
  5. Email messaging allows you to send bulk messages to thousands of customers simultaneously, so it is an advertising strategy that saves time.
    • SMS text marketing is even faster, which is why many retailers are investing more in this modern advertising method.
  6. Sending bulk email messages is still one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies for retailers, so it remains on most retail marketing plans.
    • It's just not enough to serve as the primary marketing strategy for most retail businesses.
  7. Email marketing and SMS text message marketing work well together. Customers can sign up for email and text messaging campaigns at one time while visiting your website or social media sites.
    • They can also opt into your text marketing list while in your store for immediate savings, which is faster and more convenient than spelling their email address out for a cashier.
    • You don't have to choose one marketing option over the other, but you may find that sending out a text blast delivers faster results than sending out an email blast.
  8. Research has proven that most consumers prefer to receive SMS promotional materials through text message.
    • This is the most convenient form of communication since more than 90 percent of Americans now have access to cellphones with text messaging.
    • That may explain why more than 90 percent of text messages are opened in three minutes or less.
  9. Consumers likely prefer to receive an SMS text blast over an email blast because it's faster and easier for them to see what the message is about and take action.
    • They can quickly delete a text message, and they can instantly unsubscribe from an SMS marketing number.
    • Compare that to the multiple steps that are often required to unsubscribe from an email marketing list.
  10. While many consumers will still click links from email messages, it's now more convenient to click a link from a text message.
    • The modern lifestyle is fast-paced, so the number of people shopping from smartphones due to retail mobile marketing is growing.
    • SMS marketing is more compatible with the on-the-go lifestyle than email marketing.


What bulk SMS service features will help a promotional text message stand out?

While an SMS text messages service makes it easier to stand out from your competitors when compared to other retail advertising opportunities, there are also ways that your messages can stand out from other text promotions. Some of the stand-out features that you may find on your bulk SMS texting software web-based platform include:


  1. The option to add images
  2. The option to embed videos
  3. Surveys and polls
  4. Extended text length
  5. Personalized message fields, including customer names


You may also stand out by simply choosing active language when writing your SMS promotional texts. Pull viewers into the message with words and characters that they find relatable. This requires you to know your target market well. Splitting your contact list into categories through advanced keyword use will allow you to send the most targeted messages to each person on your list.

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