600Amps Uses Two-Way Texting to Provide Next-Level Customer Service

600Amps is a locally owned and operated wireless broadband internet service provider (ISP) offering high-speed internet access for residential and business customers in Southern Oregon.

The Challenge: Missed Calls and Texts

Rick Duvall, founder of 600Amps Internet Services, is dedicated to keeping his customers online and making sure they receive world-class service. When he noticed that he was getting a lot of missed calls from customers, and that those customers were not leaving voicemails, he got concerned. 

After returning a few of these missed calls, Rick learned that instead of leaving voicemails, many of these customers were sending follow-up text messages to his business number, which was unable to receive them. As a result, Rick was never aware of their concerns and, therefore, unable to address and resolve them.

In addition, as a one-man business, this was difficult for Rick to manage. Whenever there was a service disruption, Rick would have to manage both repairing the issue and responding to customers phoning in the outage. This slowed down the repair process, which resulted in even more phone calls.

The Solution: Text-to-Landline Service and SMS Notifications

Rick needed a way to quickly respond to customer requests and notify customers of service outages. He knew customers preferred texts, but his business used a landline, which was not text enabled. Another option was to give out his personal number, but Rick wanted to avoid the confusion of mixing business and personal messages, which would make it harder to manage customer concerns and maintain a work/life balance.

"I needed to be able to effectively communicate with my customers in a way that worked for them. EZ Texting has made it possible to use my existing business line to send and receive texts, which my customers love, and which allows me to provide excellent service." 
— Rick Duvall, Owner, 600Amps

After doing some research, Rick learned that he could use a company called EZ Texting to text enable his landline. Through the 1-on-1 Chat feature, the EZ Texting platform also allowed him to manage business messages separately and respond to customer texts on any device. In the event of a service outage, Rick could use EZ Texting to send a message to all of his customers letting them know that he was aware of the problem and working to resolve it. This way, Rick would be able to quickly focus on service, rather than spending precious time fielding phone calls.

The Results: Better Communication, Happier Customers

With EZ Texting Rick is able to keep his customers informed about known outages as well as receive and respond to customer inquiries and repair requests via text message. This allows 600Amps to offer faster response times, respond to customers via their preferred communication method, and resolve service disruptions faster.

As a result, existing customers are happier, more likely to stay with the service, and more likely to recommend it to their friends. In addition, because providing text support is unusual for Internet providers, Rick’s new text-enabled landline allows him to stand out from the competition and makes him more appealing to new customers. Thanks to EZ Texting business at 600Amps has never been stronger!

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