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Getting Started

Reach new customers, boost engagement, and grow your business by integrating smart, comprehensive, and actionable SMS solutions into your marketing strategies.

Why Text Marketing?

It’s the marketing channel with the highest measurable engagement rate at 98%, making it the perfect complement to any other form of outreach, from email marketing to radio spots.

Getting Started

Getting started with the best text message marketing software app is now simpler than ever! Send smarter, with EZ Texting!

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Choosing the Right Plan for You

Are you ready to upgrade from your free trial and commit to a yearly plan with the best text message marketing software app? Find the right plan for you.

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EZ Texting Keywords

Offer customers carefully curated Keywords to build your subscriber lists — and nurture an engaged audience.

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EZ Texting How-To

School’s in session! Let EZ Texting Academy teach you the in’s, out’s, and all-around’s of text message marketing. No prior tech experience necessary.

Texting a Landline Number

EZ Texting's Text-to-Landline feature allows you to send and receive text messages online using your existing business phone number.

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Sending a Mass Text Message

EZ Texting makes it simple to send mass text messages to thousands of contacts in seconds!

Mass Uploading Contacts

Already have a mobile text marketing audience? Start connecting in minutes with our Mass Uploading Contacts feature!

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Texting Images and Videos Using MMS

Need to send a mobile mass text that’s more than 160 characters or want to attach an image, audio or video file to your text message?

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Adding Contacts

Ready to start adding contacts and connecting with your mobile text marketing audience?

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Delivery Reports

Knowing what works and what doesn’t will help you create more effective campaigns in the future.

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Integrating Your HubSpot Account

Using EZ Texting’s custom integration with HubSpot, you can send SMS campaigns directly from within HubSpot.

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Mobile iOS App

Download EZ Texting to your phone so you never miss an opportunity to connect with SMS notifications.

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Sending Your First Message

Sending your first text is “EZ” with the best text message marketing platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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EZ Texting’s new 1-on-1 Chat feature allows you to text enable your landline or toll-free number for direct messaging with your contacts.

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Reminder Campaigns

Reminders make it easy to schedule personalized, timely alerts to your contacts to boost engagement and increase effectiveness.

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Shutterstock Premium Photo Library

Choose from 20+ million of premium, fully customizable images, at no additional cost, to elevate your MMS campaigns.

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