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AI Compose leverages the power of generative AI to craft engaging group text messages tailored to your target audience. Team Inbox and AI Reply work together to boost inquiry responses and ROI with even greater speed and enhanced personalization.

Join now and increase your text response rate by up to 30% with AI conversations.

What Can 2023 Badges Do for You?

Revolutionize your group texting efforts by automating content generation, increasing efficiency, and enhancing engagement through personalized, creative messages.

Targeted & Relevant Messaging

AI Compose learns your business context, enabling it to provide suggestions that align with your campaign goals and audience.

Time Efficiency

Save time and effort by providing automated suggestions, reducing the need for manual content creation from scratch.

Fresh & Creative Ideas

Unleash your brand’s creativity with diverse AI Compose suggestions. Fresh and innovative ideas help you explore new avenues and experiment with different messaging strategies.

Brand Voice Consistency

AI Compose creates content that aligns with your business’s specific context, resulting in more targeted and relevant bulk message suggestions for your audience.

AI Compose Unleashed:
Next-Generation SMS Marketing

Go deeper into the future of SMS marketing with our AI Compose demo. Watch as AI transforms content creation, making messages more engaging and personalized. Unleash the power of AI for your brand and redefine how you communicate starting here.

How To Use AI Compose

AI Compose

Segmenting Campaigns

AI Compose can help create unique messages for audience segments, maximizing relevance, and engagement.

Customer Onboarding & Support

AI Compose can help you generate messages that guide new and returning customers through your product or service features and provide post-purchase support.

Re-Engagement Campaigns

Send the perfect re-engagement text messages to inactive customers, offering exclusive incentives to bring them back into the fold with the help of three AI-generated message options.

Event Reminders & Invitations

While text marketing can help you proactively create event-related messages, like reminders, invitations, and updates, ensuring better attendance and engagement, AI Compose can help you choose the right copy, tone, and type of message you send to your customers.
AI Compose
2023 Badges

Next-Generation Two-Way SMS

Use the power of generative AI to 5x your team’s capacity with AI Reply, included with Team Inbox. AI Reply empowers you to engage contact inquiries with increased speed, specificity, and personalization.

Enhance Precision & Accuracy

Deliver accurate, reliable information to customers with intelligent suggestions AI Reply pulls from your knowledge base and website.

Strengthen Brand Identity

Leverage AI-generated responses to align with your company’s distinct tone and communication style.

Optimize Operational Productivity

Boost your team’s efficiency fivefold, scale effectively with less staff, and maintain high customer satisfaction as your business grows.

AI Reply: Fast & Personalized Text Marketing Engagement

Harness the future of SMS communication with AI Reply. Watch to learn how AI Reply works with Team Inbox and how AI-powered responses can transform your customer interactions, streamline your messaging, and drive engagement.

How To Use AI Reply

AI Compose

Custom Knowledge

Agents can easily select relevant information from your knowledge base to answer your questions effectively.

Contextual Conversations

AI Reply remembers the context of ongoing chats, ensuring it provides relevant and helpful responses based on previous interactions.

Personalized Recommendations

AI Reply suggests products or services based on audience preferences and past interactions, ensuring they get the most relevant offers or notifications.
AI Compose

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EZ Texting Pricing

Flexible plans with industry-leading deliverability and no hidden fees.
Annual Plans
Monthly Plans


Local EZ Textable Number  
Recommended for up to
500 contacts

Starting at

$25/ Month


Recommended for up to
500 contacts

Starting at

$20/ Month

Billed Annually

Max Speed: up to 500/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.027 $0.030
Delivery Rate: 95%
Includes 500 free msg/mo or 6k annually
Set-up time: Within 1-2 business days  


Local EZ High-Volume,
High-Speed Number  
Recommended for
2,000-50,000 contacts

Starting at

$125/ Month


Recommended for
2,000-50,000 contacts

Starting at

$100/ Month

Billed Annually

Max Speed: up to 50,000/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.018 $0.020
Delivery Rate: 95%
Includes 500 free msg/mo or 6k annually
Set-up time: Within 1-2 business days  


Dedicated Short Code  
Recommended for
50,000+ contacts

Starting at

$3000/ Month

Recommended for
50,000+ contacts

Starting at

$3000/ Month

Max Speed: up to 1 MM/day  
Cost Per Msg:
$0.010 $0.010
Delivery Rate: 99%
Includes 200k msg/mo
Set-up time: 4 to 12 weeks

Included in All Plans


Incoming Messages,
Contacts, Keywords
& Two-Way Texting

New Features

Realize ROI faster with AI
Compose & Team Inbox
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Growth Tools

Easily Grow Your List
With QR codes, Keywords
& Signup Forms

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