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At only pennies per text, text messaging is as affordable as it is effective.

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Ez's Text Messaging features, which come standard with all accounts, are a step above other SMS marketing services.

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  • Use enhanced features, like Text-2-Vote, Text-2-Win, Text-2-Join

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Text messaging boasts 10X the open rate of email marketing! With this kind of exposure, you're sure to be heard.

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If you're a developer, our flexible SMS APIs and SMS Gateway can handle your largest text messaging efforts, with custom integration, thorough documentation, and elite developer support. Whether REST, HTTP, or JSON, we speak your language, including code samples in six languages & helpful support! Find us on GitHub, SMSLib integration, or visit the Developer Center to learn more.

About Mass Messaging

At Ez Texting, we believe an SMS marketing service should be easy to use, easy to afford, and easy to customize. That’s why our mobile marketing platform makes launching a custom SMS marketing campaign fun, fast, and inexpensive. With Ez’s mass texting services, utilizing the latest in mobile text marketing software, your marketing team can send bulk SMS campaigns in the United States and Canada with small budgets and absolutely no hassle.

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Over 50,000 Businesses & Organizations Rely On Ez Texting For Their Mobile Marketing Communications

"We are a homebuilder and use Ez Texting to update realtors with specials. We can attribute several sales to the text blast."
- D.R. Horton

"We use Ez Texting to congratulate our members on progress. Ez Texting has increased our call numbers by 50%."
- Evolv Health