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Step 1 - Secure Trusted Number

Secure a Trusted Number

Own a textable number within 48 hours thanks to EZ Texting’s long-standing and trusted relationship with wireless carriers.
Step 1 - Secure Trusted Number

Build an Attentive Audience

Grow an engaged text marketing contact list with QR codes, embedded sign-up forms, Keywords, and Team Inbox.
Step 1 - Secure Trusted Number

Craft Effective Texts

Engage contacts with SMS and MMS that delight and drive action, powered by AI Compose, smart scheduling, and a free image gallery and editor.
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Unlimited Contacts
Contact Management
Message Automations
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Powerful Text Marketing Features

AI Compose

Save time and create messages faster than ever while improving response rates up to 30%.

Smart Scheduling

Schedule messages for a future date/time and set automated messages for instant replies.

QR Codes

An active way to drive opt-ins, QR codes are an easy point-and-click solution to list growth.

Signup Forms

Grow your list by adding an embedded signup form to your website, emails, and social platforms.

Contact Management

Easily upload existing contacts then personalize, group, and segment for fast targeting.

Team Inbox

Our multi-seat SMS inbox allows your team to collaborate, coordinate, and respond to inquiries fast.

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How a Real Estate Firm Generated
$1 Million Using Text Marketing

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The data we get from our text messages is as valuable as the leads themselves.
Brad McCoy, Principal
Lee & Associates
Win More Leads
with SMS marketing by using exclusive
text promotions, appointment reminders,
end event invitations.
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EZ Texting Sets the Standard in Business Messaging

Jessica Pulliam
Jessica Pulliam
Sr. HR Specialist
“We love EZ Texting! We use EZ Texting to communicate with candidates and our current employees. The product helps with time consuming phone calls and with dealing with a younger generation, who are not keen on answering phone calls.”
David LeDuc
David LeDuc
“EZ Texting sets the standard in text messaging. Their feedback/report portal is easy to use, archive, and download. Their customer service is amazing. I highly endorse and support EZ Texting for all my communication needs.”
Steve A.
Steve A.
Sales Manager
“It’s completely changed our business. EZ Texting is incredibly easy to use. I’ve recommended it to dozens of people, some more tech savvy than others. Everyone has commented how simple it is to get started.”

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2024 Winter Awards for Trust Radius & G2 Crowd

A2P Security

Compliance with A2P safeguards keep your messages safe with robust protocols and stringent authentication measures.

Dedicated Compliance Team

Our dedicated compliance team is committed to staying ahead of industry regulations and best practices—keeping your messages safe and secure.

Age-Gated Content

We ensure that only individuals of legal age have access to restricted content, such as promotions for age-restricted products or services.

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