Text Message Marketing
for Restaurants

Streamline restaurant operations with text alerts, SMS ordering, and pickup and delivery messaging. Increase food and beverage sales with text offers, loyalty programs, and review generation. 

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72% of consumers are more likely to sign up for a loyalty club through a text message1

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84% of consumers say they have received a text message from a business2

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80% of consumers respond to texts in 10 minutes or less3

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67 million Americans redeemed coupons via mobile phones by 20214

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Restaurant SMS Solutions  
with EZ Texting

Text message marketing for restaurants, caterers, and food service companies provides affordable promotions and communications at scale. Increase your profit margins with SMS.

  • Reliable Restaurant Paging System via Text Message
  • Restaurants Can Text Coupons and Offers
  • 1:1 Texting to Coordinate Pickups and Deliveries
  • Promote New Menu Items and Seasonal Menus
  • Manage Employees and Recruit Food Service Contractors
  • Reduce No-Shows with Reservations Reminders
  • Start and Manage a Mobile Loyalty Program

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How Restaurants Are Utilizing Text Messaging for Marketing & Operations


Everyone’s a Critic…  

Restaurant review generation is critical to review site ranking and firing up new guest visits — and nothing is more convenient and engaging than text marketing.

SMS Texting for Restaurants, Catering Companies & Food Service Businesses Can Improve Operations, Guest Service & Ordering

   Grow Sales with Promo Codes
Boost brand awareness and sales with exclusive offers and discount codes to first-time visitors.

   Mobile Loyalty Programs
Create mobile loyalty programs to increase engagement and sales from your most valuable customers.

   Confirm Reservations & Reduce No Shows
Reduce costly no-shows with automated reservation confirmation and reminder texts.

   Support Curbside Pickup & Delivery
Use text to coordinate deliveries and curbside pickup to keep customers and staff safe.

   Delivery Driver Dispatch
Ensure employees are dispatched to the right location at the right time with text reminders.

   Seat Tables Efficiently
Use text to send updates on table availability and when waiting patrons can see the host for seating.

   Employee Recruiting
Use Keywords to make it easy for interested candidates to apply for an open role.

   Employee Welcome Campaigns
Use drip campaigns to welcome new members and share information about your organization.

   Scheduling Updates
Quickly inform staff about schedule updates and make it easy to reply via text to pick up an open shift.

TCPA Compliance: Above & Beyond

We make TCPA compliance easy with features including double opt-in security, automated opt-out functionality, and SafeSTOP, to add required opt-out messaging with one simple click.
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Which EZ Texting Plan Is Right for You?

No matter which plan you choose, EZ Texting’s reliability and expertise will be backing your text message marketing for restaurants. No hidden fees. Trial for free. Cancel anytime.


Our Customers Love Us. The Feeling’s Mutual.

Restaurants are growing their businesses every day with EZ Texting. 


EZ Texting


465 reviews


Great for employee communication!

Pricing is reasonable for the amount of use we can get out of it.The organization has been able to send mass texts during shutdowns due to weather.


Exactly what we were looking for!

The site is so easy to navigate. You can import your contacts and send group texts with no problem. I highly recommend EZ Texting to any company/business who is looking for a quick way to text their message to their group.


EZ Texting makes communicating super easy with interested people

I can upload contacts quickly and easily to send out messages. EZ Texting connects with my CRM for texting to my current database. Letting people know about my events via text is easy and gets more responses.

Jann Parker

“We are a small dessert shop. Every time we send out a group text with an offer, customers quickly start showing up.”

Scott Morrison
Founder & CEO — SnoMo’s Shaved Ice

Powerful SMS Features

Dedicated Short Codes

Boost engagement and brand awareness with a memorable 5-6 digit textable number

Contact Management

Easily upload existing contacts then personalize, group, and segment for fast targeting

MMS Picture Messaging

Drive engagement with your own dynamic image or one of millions of free Shutterstock images

Group Texting

Message all your contacts at once, or segment into groups for quick

Two-Way Texting

Conversational texting allows for easy one-to-one connections to your customers

List Growth Tools

EZ Texting offers multiple ways to grow your opt-in list, including Keywords, QR codes, and digital sign-up
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Streamline Your Workflows with Custom App Integrations

EZ Texting works closely with popular applications like Constant Contact, HubSpot, Shutterstock, and Squarespace to help you integrate texting into your campaigns with ease.

  • With our easy-to-use integrations, you can quickly sync systems to one another — without the need for a developer.
  • Automate contact management across platforms — including CRM tools, email marketing systems, and thousands of apps.
  • Integrate food service and restaurant text messaging with your current workflows to be more organized, efficient, and productive.

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How Restaurant Text Marketing Can Increase Sales & Improve Guest Service

From sending a restaurant opening invitation via text to an SMS alert for an upcoming delivery or reservation, text marketing can be utilized across the food industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dining establishments can text message diners when their tables are ready as long as the text recipient has agreed to receive a restaurant text alert. Diners can verbally agree to this when giving their mobile phone numbers to the restaurant for this purpose. Text messages can be used as restaurant paging systems by integrating SMS into your reservation management system using EZ Texting’s API or Zapier integration. Or simply use your EZ Texting account to send 1:1 direct messages from your account’s textable number.

Text message marketing for restaurants offers a handful of solutions, from building a marketing list with an SMS Keyword campaign to running a loyalty program for guests who sign up for restaurant text offers and alerts through a POS system. Restaurant marketing teams are also leveraging text message to send coupons, holiday menus, and BOGO promos. Meanwhile restaurant managers love SMS for streamlining ordering and contactless pickup and rely on texting for reservation reminders and “your table is ready” paging.

Using text message marketing restaurants get to reach customers in the manner that they prefer. Plus with EZ Texting restaurants can be more reachable. That’s right, you can enable a restaurant landline or toll-free number to be textable and have guests text questions like opening hours, location, menu info, and reservations availability. In fact, research shows that most consumers would like to be able to text a business like a restaurant and are frustrated when they can’t.

When you are managing the marketing for a local or national chain, restaurant text messaging through a platform like EZ Texting is the ideal. Your team can have one single account with multiple textable numbers for each location or a parent account with connected sub-accounts. When you have a huge audience that needs a custom solution, our product specialists can help you find the right account type and payment option.

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