EZ Texting Platform Security

We know that when you entrust EZ Texting to send messages on your behalf, you are relying on us to manage your privacy and data security. We appreciate your confidence in us and take our responsibility as data stewards very seriously. Below, we have provided an overview of our information security practices.

Reputation for Reliability

  • EZ Texting has sent over 3 billion messages on behalf of over 160K clients.
  • We are known within the industry for fast, reliable delivery: More than 99.5% of EZ Texting messages are sent on-time.
  • We have strong partnerships with major mobile carriers and industry partnerships with highly respected organizations such as CTIA and CWTA.
  • We protect our customers by offering built-in TCPA compliance features, including support for consumer-driven consent, opt-out capabilities, and phishing monitoring.

Highly Secure Infrastructure

  • EZ Texting's infrastructure was designed with security in mind. Our databases are kept separate from one another, user accounts are segregated by multiple levels of logic, and we rely on a "soft delete" to ensure that data is never truly lost.
  • We continually protect our infrastructure by re-provisioning our staging environments multiple times each week. We also perform regular security scans using outside vendors.
  • We have a documented "in case of nuclear attack on a data center" infrastructure continuity plan and DDOS plans in place at each of our data centers.

World-Class Data Centers

  • Our armies of servers are housed across multiple data centers across the United States.
  • We provide automatic failover through built-in redundancies and backups at every step of our processes.
  • Each of our data centers uses highly advanced security equipment, techniques, and procedures to control physical access, including manned security stations and biometrics.

Stringent Account Protections

  • To prevent unauthorized account access, we combine robust security algorithms with oversight from human reviewers.
  • The entire EZ Texting application supports encryption with the latest industry-recommended TLS standards. "Login pages and logins via the EZ Texting API have brute force protection."
  • We automatically notify Account Owners when passwords are changed. Additionally, EZ Texting passwords are hashed and irretrievable, meaning that if a password is lost, it can be reset, but not retrieved.

Intelligent Internal Monitoring

  • EZ Texting offices are secured by keycard access, and they are monitored with cameras throughout.
  • We continuously train employees on best security practices, including the importance of protecting internal customer data as well as how to identify any threats to our network.
  • All employees undergo criminal history and credit background checks prior to employment.