EZ Texting Product Features

SMS marketing features make it faster and easier to communicate with your contacts.

Contact Management Graphics

Contact Management

Import, customize, and segment your contacts to make personalization and automation a breeze. It'll not only save time, it'll bring you closer to your customers.

Contact Management & Import

Easily upload and manage an unlimited number of contacts, in an instant.

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Custom Contact Fields

Create custom data fields for message personalization and automation, no technical knowledge necessary.

Groups & Segmentation

Assign contacts to groups and deploy hyper-targeted messages and campaigns .

Text Messaging Tools

Take advantage of EZ Texting’s powerful suite of SMS text messaging tools to get the most out of your messaging.


Group Texting

Quickly deploy personalized texts to many contacts at once to keep them safe, informed, and engaged.

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Two-Way Texting

Receive inbound messages and text one-on-one with contacts from the inbox.

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SMS Text Messaging

Keep contacts informed by sending text-only messages with up to 160 characters.

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MMS Picture Texts

Boost engagement by sending texts with images and up to 1,600 characters.

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Survey Monkey

SafeSTOP Opt-Out

Eliminate the stress of compliance risk and boost consumer confidence with our process for opting-out.

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Google Calendar

Text Forwarding

Never miss a message by automatically forwarding text responses to your phone or email.

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Templates & Design Tools

Presentation matters. EZ Texting’s own unique design templates and partnership with Shutterstock allow your messaging to stand out and be seen.

Media Library

Bring your texts to life by accessing a library of over 20 million free photos from Shutterstock. Create and edit professional, engaging images for your MMS text campaigns.

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Design Templates

Save time and find inspiration for your next message in our free template library.

Customer List Growth Tools

Growing a list is never easy, but we make it easier with convenient and compliance-friendly SMS list growth tools.


Allow contacts to easily join your list and access valuable information by texting a keyword to your number.

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Web Signup Fields

Build a text subscriber list by adding signup forms to your website and digital properties.

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QR Codes

Create a scannable image that redirects your audience to a website, sign up form, or prefilled text message.

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Text Campaigns

From text automation to drip campaigns, determine which text campaign strategy is right for each of your messaging goals.

Contact Management Graphics

Text Campaigns

From text automation to drip campaigns, determine which text campaign strategy is right for each of your messaging goals.

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Text Automation

Send an automatic reply to an inbound text to create immediate engagement.

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Reminder Campaigns

Streamline operations by sending automated reminders for appointments, payments, and more.

Drip Campaigns

Create a series of automated, personalized text messages to educate and nurture leads.

Text Scheduling

Schedule text campaigns to deploy at a specific date and time.

Recurring Texts

Stay top of mind with your contacts by sending recurring text messages.

Integrations & API

With a robust API and powerful integrations with some of the web’s best-in-class apps, EZ Texting is constantly looking for ways to improve connections.


Use our out-of-the-box integrations to connect directly with Hubspot, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and more. Use Zapier to create automations that connect EZ Texting with thousands of popular applications.

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API Access

Use the REST API to build a custom integration.

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Analytics & Reporting

Our reporting dashboard allows for monitoring and measuring campaigns so you can perfect your messaging.


Measure the effectiveness and impact of your text campaigns with statistics and reports.

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Link Shortener & Tracking

Easily shorten text links and track how often they are clicked.


Reply to text inquiries and streamline your texting teams with EZ Texting’s suite of accessibility features.

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Mobile Access

Access EZ Texting from your mobile device by downloading the free iOS mobile app or by logging in from your mobile browser.

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Teammate Manager

Give multiple users secure, unique logins with custom permission levels.

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Managed Accounts

Manage multiple client accounts, franchises, or business locations from one unified account for seamless billing and reporting.

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Textable Number Options

It all starts with a number. EZ Texting offers the full lineup of textable numbers, with options for all messaging goals and strategies.

10DLC & A2P

10-Digit Local Number

Boost audience trust by texting from a local number.

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High-Volume Number

Upgrade to a verified local number with higher deliverability and sending speeds.


Toll-Free Number

Expand your national brand recognition with a dedicated toll-free number.

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Text Enabled Landline

Never miss a message. Send and receive texts using your existing business number.

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Survey Monkey

Dedicated Short Code

Get an exclusive 5 or 6-digit textable number with guaranteed throughput and low messaging fees.

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