A2P & 10DLC Numbers

Everything you need to know about our 10-digit local number options and powerful A2P features that are easy to set up and allow more messages to be delivered faster. Perfect for businesses or organizations with larger contact lists.

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10-Digit Local Numbers Explained

What Is a High-Volume A2P Local Number?

A high-volume A2P local number is a 10-digit local number that has been A2P-enabled to send more messages, faster, and more reliably. A2P is an industry term that means “Application to Person” and indicates that a platform or an automated service is the source of a text message.

What Is a 10DLC Local Number?

10DLC stands for 10-Digit Long Code, but you may know it as the standard business phone number for North America. While a 10DLC number may look like a standard 10-digit local number, these numbers differ in that they’re registered with carriers specifically to support A2P messaging and ensure greater protections for users.

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90 percent

deliverability for numbers
upgraded to A2P

60 000x faster

of consumers will pay more
to do business locally

Compare Standard A2P to High-Volume A2P

Standard A2P “Lite” 10DLC
High-Volume A2P Local Number
Lower trust with carriers
(Subject to anti-spam filtering)
Carrier Trust
Higher trust with carriers
(Less message blocking and filtering)
Throttled text delivery speeds
Delivery Speed
Higher text delivery speeds
Send up to 45 messages per minute
Message Speed
Send up to 720 SMS messages per minute
Free with all subscription plans
As low as $25/mo or included
in some subscription plans

10DLC & A2P Benefits and Features

10-Digit Long Codes (10DLC)

Trusted Icon


Boost audience trust by texting from a number with a local area code of your choice.



All plans include a free local number and the Premium plan includes a free high-volume upgrade.



All EZ Texting accounts are provisioned with a 10-digit local number so you can start texting in minutes.

Application-to-Person (A2P)


Trusted By Carriers

A high-volume A2P local number is verified by the carriers, which means higher deliverability and less filtering.


Better Deliverability

Registering your number with wireless carriers will allow you to text with confidence from a vetted number.


Faster Sending Speeds

Reach your contacts faster, at scale, by upgrading to an A2P number with 4x faster delivery speeds.

Upgrading to a High-Volume 10DLC Number Is Easy

Every new EZ Texting customer receives a 10DLC number that provides some of the benefits and protections of an A2P number, but without full carrier approvals. When your free trial ends your 10-digit number will be automatically upgraded to A2P “Lite,” allowing for more protections and a better send rate.

If you’re a customer with a larger contact list you may want to upgrade to a high-volume A2P number, which allows you to send more messages even faster with 90%+ deliverability. And at EZ Texting, we make upgrading to an A2P line easy by allowing our customers to upgrade using a painless self-serve process.

Step 1

Select a Local Number

If you don’t already have a local number, simply log in to EZ Texting and walk through a quick, automated workflow to select a local number for your organization.

Step 2

A2P Application Questionnaire

Answer a few quick questions about your organization and how you intend to use text messaging. EZ Texting will submit the application for you and process the upgrade once it’s been approved.

Step 3

Upgrade to External Vetting

To send even more messages at even faster speeds contact us to get started on external vetting for your number.

Local 10DLC & A2P Numbers for

Real Estate

Reach all your contacts faster by upgrading your 10-digit local number to a high-volume A2P number.


If you have a large list of contacts you need to reach instantly, consider upgrading to a high-volume 10DLC A2P number.


Move more vehicles off the lot by upgrading to a high-volume A2P number.


Reach all your client’s contacts faster by upgrading to a high-volume A2P number.


Reach all your contacts faster than ever by upgrading your 10-digit local number to a high-volume A2p number.

Property Management

Reach all your contacts faster than ever by upgrading to a high-volume A2P number.

Industry - Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions


A2P stands for Application-to-Person and is shorthand for text messages sent from a text messaging platform (the application) to an individual (the person).



A 10DLC is a 10-digit local number provided by EZ Texting that is exclusive to your organization. You can use your 10DLC to send text messages to groups or individuals, receive and reply to inbound text messages, grow your text list with keywords, and much more.



An A2P 10DLC number is a textable 10-digit number that has been boosted by a high-volume upgrade giving it the ability to send more messages, faster.



A high-volume local number is an A2P enabled number, or upgraded 10-digit local number, that allows local numbers to send group text messages at faster speeds with better delivery rates. A2P is an industry term that means “Application to Person” and indicates a platform or an automated service is sending a text message.



Simply log in to your account, and select Billing under the profile icon in the upper right. On the Billing page, select, “Set Up Your High Volume Upgrade” button.



Yes! Images you use from the Shutterstock media library are fully editable using the image editor. For more information watch the video below:

Both are textable 10-digit numbers with a local area code. The high-volume local number is upgraded, A2P enabled, and registered, which means it is recognized and approved by mobile carriers. This increases your trust level with the carriers and results in faster delivery speeds and better deliverability.



In order to get approval to upgrade your number, mobile carriers need to know your legal company name, tax number/ID/EIN, country of registration, industry and a description of the types of text messages you typically send. Your EIN, or Employee Identification Number, is used to identify your business by the IRS and can be found on a tax form.



Yes. Once you upgrade a number, all other numbers in your account are upgraded as long as they are used to send the same types of content (ex: Marketing promotions, customer service notifications).



Please contact EZ Texting for a custom solution.



To ensure a safe messaging environment for your audience, wireless carriers need to know what kind of messages you typically send, such as marketing promotions or customer support replies. If you have multiple use cases, you can register for a mixed use case or register for multiple use cases at $25 per use case per month.