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Why texting is the fastest, most efficient way to get your message seen.

Everything You Need to
Know About Text Marketing


Everything You Need to
Know About Text Marketing

There are many words for it that all mean pretty much the same thing: group text, bulk text, mass text, or SMS. We’ll go a bit deeper into what each of these terms signify, but to start, they mean sending a text message to a group of contacts at the same time.

What Is Mass Texting?
What Is Group Text Messaging?
What Is Bulk Texting?
What Is a Text Blast?

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Marketing Channel Engagement Rates

Once you launch a text marketing campaign, expect your customer acquisition to skyrocket and for your existing audience to engage with your brand like never before.










It works far better and faster than email, very good support and effective results

Steve Brownlee, Assistant Manager - Professional Salon Concepts

What Can Text communications Do for You?

Texting has been proven to be one of the most effective Communications channels. Here’s how you can use SMS to notify, promote, grow, and serve your customers and clients better than ever!

What Can Text communications Do for You

How Text Marketing Works

1. Sign Up for EZ Texting & Reserve a Keyword

Promote a Keyword and textable number on your in-store signs, website, social media, and email signatures. Pretty soon you'll have a big, opted-in list of subscribers.

Reserve a Keyword

2. Send Promotions, Reminders & Notifications

Bulk texting works for any kind of message that you want opened fast: sales promotions, appointment reminders, or event notifications.

Send Promotion

3. Watch Your Sales & Engagement Grow

With a nearly 100% open rate, texting can't be beat for engaging with your audience. Track the performance of your text campaigns using your account’s reports and analytics.

Sales Grow

I started using EZ Texting for my business over a year ago and find it a quick, easy, and wonderful way to communicate with my customer base.

Joanne Palcic, Consultant - LuLaRoe

How to Choose a Text Marketing Platform

Free Trial

Try Before You Buy

Look for a bulk SMS service that has a no-risk free trial. With 100 free messages and no credit card required, you don't have to worry about auto-renewals, contracts, or throttling.

Easy to Use

Opt for Ease of Use

No web development team? Find a self-service text marketing platform that gets you up and running quickly. Look for a user-friendly interface and accessible customer sales and support.


Get a Multi-Use Platform

You don't want a bunch of different apps to mass text and then to text-enable your landline and then to grow your list. Find text marketing software that does it all.

Top Players

Know the Top Players

Identify the industry's leader, and read the user reviews. Who has the best customer service and carrier relations? These are key indicators of security, reliability, quality, and performance.


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How to Sign Up for EZ Texting

Sign up for a free trial in minutes — no credit card required! We’ll walk you through the process.

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