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A text is the fastest, most efficient way to get your message seen. Once you launch a text marketing campaign, expect your customer acquisition to skyrocket and for your existing audience to engage with your brand like never before. 

"It works far better and faster than email, very good support and effective results"

Steve Brownlee, Assistant Manager, Professional Salon Concepts

"I started using EZ Texting for my business over a year ago and find it a quick, easy, and wonderful way to communicate with my customer base."

Joanne Palcic, Consultant, LuLaRoe

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What You Need to Know About Text Marketing

Text Message = SMS 

SMS = Short Message Service* 

*Yep, it’s that simple. 


There are many words for it that all mean pretty much the same thing: group text, bulk text, and mass text or SMS. We’ll go a bit deeper into what each of these terms signify, but to start, they mean sending a text message to a group of contacts at the same time. 


Marketing Channel Engagement Rates 

SMS: 24.4%

Email: 3.24%

Facebook: .42%

Instagram: 4.21%


Texting has been proven to be the most effective marketing channel, and since it’s trackable, it stacks up against other forms of marketing in terms of engagement.


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