Here’s how to generate leads using SMS marketing to effortlessly
beat your goals and drive more revenue.

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Turn Lead Acquisition into Action 
with SMS Marketing

Fast, personal, and professional, SMS marketing is the most modern way to collect leads and grow 
your business in a mobile-first world.

  • SMS: Closer, More Personal Connections

    SMS marketing allows for easy personalization and conversational messaging with your audience that provides valuable first-party data.

  • Easily Segment for Better Lead Targeting

    Use targeted QR codes and specific SMS Keywords to automatically segment your new opt-ins at the moment they become a new lead.

  • Best Practice: Follow Up with New Leads

    Don’t forget to send follow-up sequences to nurture your new SMS leads and keep them engaged over time.

Eighty-on Percent of Consumers Text Businesses

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Grow Your Lead List with QR Codes, Keywords & Signup Forms

Attention is hard to come by, which is why you need to take advantage of every opportunity to grow your audience. EZ Texting’s built-in list growth tools—including a QR code generator, Keywords paired with automated messaging, and an embeddable signup form—make growing your list a breeze.

  • Grow Your Lead List on Autopilot

    Set up your SMS lead generating forms with EZ Texting’s list growth tools and sit back while you effortlessly win new leads.

  • SMS Lead Opportunities Abound

    Add QR codes to your signage, put your Keyword on a billboard, and add your digital signup form to your website and socials!

  • Offer Exclusives & Incentives to Drive Leads

    Really want to grow your leads? Offer an exclusive or incentive, like a discount or free consultation, for their time and attention.

More than 80% of consumers
have signed up to receive texts from a business.*

*2024 Consumer Behavior Texting Report

Score More Business with SMS Lead Generation

The convenience of text marketing gets your message in front of your audience, then it’s up to you to create compelling lead generation messages to grab attention and grow your list. But don't worry, with AI Compose and message templates, we're here to help you build a successful SMS leads strategy.

  • Craft Compelling Lead Generating Messages

    Write concise, clear, and relevant messaging to increase action. Need help? AI Compose can increase SMS responses by 30%.

  • Provide Clear Value to Your Audience

    Use your text list for your best promotions and campaigns, state the value clearly, and don’t forget a compelling call-to-action.

  • Send MMS Messages to Improve Engagement

    Consumers are 61% more likely to purchase from a text that contains an image. Send an MMS message and watch the engagement lift off!

Welcome Text Example
SMS open rate
increase in new and returning bidders

ATX Auctions Leverages Text Marketing to Boost Engagement

We’re getting more registrations and more bidders every time we send [a text] message out.
Jared Deborer, Co-Owner
ATX Auctions
Win More Leads

SMS allows you to engage your audience like no other platform with exclusive text promotions, appointment reminders, and event invitations.

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