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Simplify Contacts, Multiply Channels with EZ Texting’s Constant Contact Integration

Mon, 06/29/2020 - 14:50 — EZ Texting

Strengthen and simplify contact management and text marketing plans through EZ Texting’s integration partnership with Constant Contact — and bolster new email marketing, event marketing, social ad campaigns, website design, and other initiatives.

Integrations deliver comprehensive business strategies and can complement each other. Balance the power of SMS — with its 98% open rates and timely, immediate alerts and push notifications — by utilizing smart email campaigns, user-friendly website design, creative social media, memorable brand logo artwork, Google Ads, and other channels.

You can also leverage analytics tools from both EZ Texting and Constant Contact to measure data performance across multiple platforms and further increase productivity while saving time, resources, and money.

All the tools you need, all seamlessly working together.

The EZ Texting-Constant Contact integration is great for…
  • Complimenting SMS initiatives with multichannel campaigns: email, web, social, Google Ads, and more
  • Automatically sync’ing contacts from Constant Contact
  • Text real…
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How to Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Thu, 06/25/2020 - 16:53 — EZ Texting

You might belong to a few customer loyalty programs. They're difficult to resist when you reach the POS counter and the cashier asks if you'd like to sign up for special promotions and discounts. And that's why the model works. Ramping up a loyalty program — or adding SMS texting to an existing loyalty program — is also a strategy some are using to reach e-commerce customers. 

If you haven't tried this strategy for your business, here's how you get started.

1. Create a List of Loyalty Benefits

A loyalty or rewards program only works if you provide tangible benefits for the consumer.

For instance, a pizza joint might offer a free pie for every ten purchases in the store, or a fashion retailer could offer $10 off a purchase of $50 or more after spending a certain amount of money at the boutique.

A few other examples could include:

  • Offer discounts (percentage or dollar figure) for reaching certain milestones.
  • Give members early access to discounts or products.
  • Allow members to accrue points toward…
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Depend on Text Marketing to Boost Independence Day Celebrations

Tue, 06/23/2020 - 14:42 — Lauren Goldenberg

Ring in the Fourth of July with fireworks, hot dogs, picnics — and creative text marketing strategies worthy of the nation’s largest celebrations.

Whether 2020’s revelers seek to enjoy the festivities outdoors or virtually — expect many industries to see a big boost in business. Realtors, grocers, auto dealers, and more can benefit from the recent easing of restrictions so it’s best to plan ahead. Government offices and agencies are also likely to experience increased activity, with residents returning to beaches and parks.

With a 98% engagement rate, text marketing is the fastest, most efficient way to connect with customers and constituents. Entice VIP’s and even new customers to opt-in and subscribe with promises of everything from promos to new safety measures.

In honor of the holiday, you can even have a little extra fun with your texts to enliven and personalize them by including a fun GIF with animated fireworks. Here are some more ideas on how businesses and organizations can integrate SMS solutions into their marketing campaigns:

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The EZ Guide to SMS and Self-Storage

Thu, 06/18/2020 - 15:51 — Anna Davies

Self-storage spaces provide a central location for customers to park their possessions. But even if stuff stays in one place, customers are on the go. Everyday communication has evolved beyond one central inbox—and if you don’t have a way for folks to immediately connect with you, you may be missing out. SMS texting allows you to meet customers where they are—on their phones.

After all, emails may be automatically presorted to an inbox promotions folder. Call screening can make it tough to connect in real time with a customer to sort out administrative issues. But texting reaches customers and potential customers on their phone, in real time, with impressive results. In fact, text blasts get up to 6 times more engagement than emails.

Texting allows you to ramp up referral and reward programs, alert clients to promotions or logistical changes, and keep billing information updated and correct any errors or billing lapses immediately—without needing to onboard additional personnel or provide extensive tech training.

Here, some examples of how to effectively use SMS marketing to engage with current customers and attract new…

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Text Essentials to Help Essential Businesses Celebrate Father's Day

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 15:39 — Lauren Goldenberg

Texting on Father’s Day isn’t just about sending dear ol’ dad a personal message or a GIF of his favorite movie.

Every year, many industries see a big boost in business on Father’s Day — from restaurants, grocery stores, auto dealerships, and more. Government offices and agencies are also likely to see an uptick in activity, with residents eager to enjoy family time at beaches and parks.

And while Mother’s Day often tends to outshine with the biggest buzz (and spending), 2020 may be the year everyone goes all out for Dad and Grandpa — particularly with the recent easing of restrictions.

With a 98% engagement rate, text marketing is the fastest, most efficient way to connect with customers and constituents. Entice new customers to opt-in and subscribe with promises of everything from promos to gift ideas, new safety measures, and more.

In honor of the holiday, you can even have a little extra fun with your texts to enliven and personalize them by wishing everyone a happy Father’s Day or throwing in a light-hearted “Dad joke.” Here’s some…

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EZ Texting Certified a TRUE Software Vendor Committed to Transparency

Thu, 06/11/2020 - 16:33 — EZ Texting

TrustRadius—the most trusted review site in the business technology industry—recently launched their inaugural TRUE list recognizing vendors committed to transparency in all aspects of the review process, and EZ Texting—already recognized by TrustRadius as one of 2020's "Top-Rated" and "Most-Loved" marketing software companies—is thrilled to be certified among the first recipients!

The TRUE program recognizes vendors who are Transparent, Responsive, Unbiased, and Ethical in the sourcing and use of customer reviews. To be certified TRUE companies must:

  • Provide equal opportunity for product users to safely share honest feedback in reviews
  • Disclose how they source reviews and how incentives are used
  • Read all published reviews and respond when necessary
  • Represent review content accurately in sales and marketing materials
  • Disclose the use of intent data for marketing purposes

TRUE builds trust between buyers and vendors and incentivizes greater transparency in the…

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Automate Your Text Marketing With EZ Texting’s HubSpot Integration

Wed, 06/10/2020 - 12:25 — EZ Texting

Until now, texting through HubSpot hasn’t been easy, requiring users to flip back and forth between the CRM and their texting app. Using our new and improved custom integration you can now send SMS campaigns directly from within HubSpot.

With this free integration, you’ll be able to create multi-step campaign workflows in HubSpot that include text messaging based on user criteria and/or events. Whether you are sending a group text message or direct messaging with customers one-on-one, you can use the integration to leverage EZ Texting’s capabilities from your HubSpot account so that you now have an efficient way to add SMS to the rest of your marketing automation tool.

Sales, marketing, and customer service team members will all benefit from this seamless integration with HubSpot.

Once you set up the EZ Texting + HubSpot integration you can:
  • Integrate text into your existing marketing workflows
  • Create a new marketing workflow that includes SMS
  • Compose and schedule a text message to be sent to HubSpot contacts
Learn How:

Set up the EZ Texting-HubSpot…

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Integrate SMS Marketing With The Rest Of Your Campaign

Tue, 06/09/2020 - 14:38 — EZ Texting

Do a 360 right now and you’ll likely notice that many people are absorbed in their mobile devices. It has become the norm to multitask with a phone in one hand, so it makes sense to incorporate text communication into your outbound marketing strategy. SMS marketing alone can be a successful tool for your business, but using it in conjunction with other marketing tools can take your business to a new level.

Here are five ways you can use SMS to boost your marketing efforts if you integrate it with different channels such as website, email, social media, ads, print, and radio/TV.

1. Have a Successful Call-to-Action 

Text messages are instant. Including a call-to-action on a print or digital ad, prompting people to text in, can deliver quick results, i.e. SMS subscribers or conversions. Providing this call-to-action via SMS makes it easier for people to act in the moment, before they see another brand’s pitch.

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How Texting Can Help Restaurants Streamline Staff Communications

Fri, 06/05/2020 - 10:01 — John Owens

While restaurants were able to provide takeout and delivery options throughout the shutdown, many are beginning to open their doors to diners wanting to dine in as well (with restrictions, of course).

Texting has long been a valuable tool in the restaurant industry — offering exclusive deals, letting customers know when takeout orders are ready for pick-up, and more. But now, along with notifying diners on your reopening, you will also want to use SMS solutions to help recruit talent and effectively communicate with your existing staff.

Effective Staff Communication for Restaurants

Efficiently communicating with staff has never been so important. Texting provides centralized, automated solutions for ensuring that staff see alerts in a timely manner—with 98% open rates (nearly five times higher than email) and a 45% response rate (over seven times higher than email).

Aligning staff communications via text allows you to:

  • Rapidly communicate schedule and shift changes
  • Request fill-in staff should someone get sick
  • Quickly send out crisis communications
  • Update…
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How Text Messaging Can Drive the Auto Service Rebound

Thu, 06/04/2020 - 15:41 — Cameron Smith

It’s been business—but not quite as usual—for the essential auto repair industry throughout the coronavirus shutdown. Now, as other industries begin returning to work, there are more drivers returning to the road; this translates into more customers for you.

"We're up probably 50%,” said Melissa Dean, co-owner of JD’s Auto Repair in Frankfort, KY. “A little busier every day, more cars everyday, it’s getting a little better."

Seize the opportunity to generate more business (and hopefully recoup some losses you may have faced) with proactive, top-of-mind messaging.

With a 98% engagement rate, text marketing effectively helps you notify clients of changes in operating hours, appointment booking reminders, and more. Text makes it easy to reach out to drivers who may have skipped regularly scheduled maintenance check-ups and oil changes during the quarantine.

Make Adjustments

In the automotive industry, safety is always of the utmost importance—but this now extends to social distancing guidelines along with 5-star vehicle safety ratings. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer…

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